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2 Crystal Head Vodka Drink Recipes You Have To Try

Dan Aykroyd is the man behind Crystal Head Vodka; an award winning pure spirit that has been a top seller for decades in cities across North America and Europe. From his time in Manhattan and New York, here are two drink recipes worth trying with Crystal Head Vodka:

As told by Dan Aykroyd in our May/June Issue:

photo: @jwmarriottmarquismiami

The White Cosmo
(aka the Lucky Head)
“The Wyn hotel in Vegas is selling gallons of our product by making the following drink:
2.5oz Crystal Head
White Cranberry Juice
A Bit of Simple Syrup
Elderberry Flower Extract
(and sometimes an egg white, if you’re feeling adventurous)

“Shake that up, and I mean, I consume in moderation, but I could have a few of those I tell ya!”

photo: @xinitalicious

The Long Island Bar Car Martini
(aka The Rail Head)
“If you were a Madison Ave executive at 11:00am in the 50’s you could get a martini on the train served by a white glove steward. Now, you can’t do that anymore, but image the man in the grey flannel suit from the Wall Street Journal sipping a martini on the train, I mean how civilized! At 11:00 in the morning, I love it! (laughs).”
2.5oz Crystal Head
Shake on ice with:
1-2 Olives
1 Pearl Onion
and that’s it! And some people like to add a rinse or a splash of vermouth as well.  

Find the full interview in the May/June Issue of Faces Magazine

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