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3 Common Mistakes That Fall Joggers Make

With the warmer days of summer behind, fall is the utmost perfect time for jogs around the Capital. Will you choose to run along the Ottawa River, around the Canal, or upwards to Gatineau Park? (All of which offer stunning scenery). The absence of mosquitos? An added bonus! Before you head out, be sure to avoid these three most common mistakes that fall joggers make.



1. Forgetting to Stay Hydrated

The weather may not make you thirsty, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need water. Don’t forget to drink just as much water as you would on a hot summer’s day.

2. Layering Up

You should start your run being a little cold. This helps to give your body time to warm up as you run.

photo: @oladimeg

3. Forgetting Sunscreen

Summer has ended, but don’t put away that sunscreen just yet—the sun can be just as strong in fall.

photo: @514paul613

By Lindsay Childerhose

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