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3 Skills You Can Master In A Minute Or Less

3 Minutes, 3 Skills You’ll Use For Life.


1 – Spot Bad Fruit Instantly

photo: @katetenenhouse

Remember these two tips when scouting Strawberries and Oranges to never go home with the bad ones. Always smell strawberries before buying. If they have a (good) smell, then they will taste just as divine. If they have no smell, they won’t be up to par.

Always choose the heaviest oranges. A lighter orange has less juice, and will taste accordingly.

2 – Speed Read

photo: @myahbirrell

The trick to skimming through a page is to remove the voice in your head—it takes a lot longer for your brain to process words into sound then to simply decipher them visually. Focus first on reading without that voice, then work on reading a few words at a time. You’ll be buzzing through pages in no time.



3 – Behead A Champagne Bottle (With A Blade)

photo: @giovannisrestaurantottawa

Grab a knife and find a spot center-stage (and a safe distance) from your guests. Grab a bottle that has been chilled up-side down and remove both the foil and the muselet. Hold the bottle in your non-dominate hand, with the seam pointing upwards. Position your knife at a small upwards angle on the seam and push the knife outwards on the cork until the pressure cracks the neck. Join your guests in cheer.


Cover Photo: @jmorel22 at Joey Rideau

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