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Ottawa’s Best Tobogganing Hills for Family Fun

Well it’s official, the snow is here to stay – what a drag. There is one great thing that comes out of all of Ottawa’s snowfalls – tobogganing hills! Here’s a list of four hills that we think are worth the trip out in the cold.

Photo via Sofie Sharom

Lansdowne Park

This hill at Lansdowne Park is nicely located right in the heart of the Glebe, and nestled among lots of cozy cafes and restaurants for your hot chocolate breaks. Although it’s short, it’s steep with a nice long run off which is perfect for all ages. Bonus: it offers cool views of the stadium at TD Place, and the Rideau Canal.

Photo via Sofie Sharom

Carlington Park

This hill is amazing because it actually used to be a ski hill, so you can imagine the speed you’ll catch travelling down this thing. If you are worried about wiping out, a pro tip is to start midway up the hill until you are brave enough to try the big drop! 

Photo via Sofie Sharom

Mooney’s Bay

If you’ve ever seen this hill, you already know that this is one of the best in Ottawa. Not only is it quite tall, but it offers steep slopes along with ones that have a gradual decline for those who aren’t experienced. It’s the perfect stop for an afternoon of family fun, and there is tons of parking at Terry Fox Athletic Facility.

Photo via Sofie Sharom

Bruce Pit

This hill is great for those weekend day trips; however, not our #1 choice for night sliding as there isn’t a ton of lighting. But, the best thing about this park? It doubles as a dog park so you can bring your pup with you for the trip!


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