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4 Signs Someone is Lying

They Repeat Small Phrases

When someone repeats the beginning of sentences or small phrases like “I mean” or “I didn’t” they may just be trying to buy time to gather their thoughts, or sound extra convincing.


Their Head Moves Unnaturally

When a person is consciously telling a lie, their head may rest more sideways or upward subconsciously as they begin speaking.


They Give Too Many Details


An overkill of information is a tell-tale sign that someone is trying a bit too hard for you to believe their story. Sometimes this may just come across as talkative, but be sure that the excess information isn’t meant to cloud the truth.


They Make an Error in Logic


This happens quite a lot when people lie, but it is the most difficult to catch. When a story is falsified, small details will be overlooked. A person may say that they ran when they heard someone yelling—but naturally people look towards the noise before they determine whether they should run.

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