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5 Easy Ways To Start The New Year Right

Set Realistic Goals

People often get overly ambitious at the start of a new year and create unrealistic goals. You’ll decide you need to lose weight and aim for 30 pounds or that it’s time to travel the world. These large goals are often unworkable but if you tweak them to more attainable goals like losing 5 pounds a month or traveling to 2 new countries your results become doable.


Invest In Yourself

You are your best investment. 2018 is time to cut a relationship that isn’t working, quit the job that isn’t fulfilling and move to the new city you’ve been dreaming of. The time is now, you can always afford to invest in you.


Do a Yearly Review

What were the best parts of last year? What were the worst? See what worked and what didn’t to keep yourself from making the same mistakes and embrace what did work. Write down some of the best parts of the year and things you wish you could have avoided, this way you can start planning a better year than the last!


Embrace positivity

Complaining and negativity are never worth your while. 2018 is the year to get rid of the nagging voice that says you can’t, that you’re not good enough. Embrace all the positive people in your life and stop wasting your time around people who drag you down.


Focus on Your Health

No matter how young, active and health conscious you are, there is always room for improvement. Focus on the core things that contribute to your health. Get your minimum 8 hours of sleep, drink 2 litres of water a day, try to avoid processed food and eat your greens!



By: Amanda Havey

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