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5 Easy Workouts Made For Summer Vacations

While on summer vacation, it can be hard to commit to spending any of it stuck inside a gym. Luckily, these workouts make the most of your summer vacay setting.

Hill Sprints

Running uphill is a great way to strengthen your entire body.

  • Start with a light jog to warm up.
  • Complete 14 sprints in total, walking back down after each one.
  • Do hill sprints 1-5 at 50% effort, 6-11 at 75% effort, 12-14 at 100% effort.
  • Do 10 minutes of jogging to cool down.


Sand Burpees

Sand offers plenty of resistance while lowering muscle inflammation post-workout.

  • Standing shoulder-width apart, lower yourself into a squat and finally a push-up position.
  • Lower your chest to the floor.
  • As you push up, spring into standing position.
  • Jump straight up, and lower yourself into push-up position as you come down to repeat.
  • Complete 20 burpees each time.

Dockside Flutter-Kicks

Flutter-kicks engage your abdominal muscles and work to strengthen your core.

  • Ensure you are in a safe environment and at no risk of drowning.
  • In the water, grab hold of the side of your dock with both hands.
  • Lay flat on your stomach and let your body float on top of the water.
  • Flutter-kick towards the dock, using your hands to steady you in the same position.
  • Complete 10 of these one minute sets of flutter kicks before breaking.
  • Begin your kicks at 50% effort for 30 seconds, increase to 75% effort for 15 seconds, and finish with 100% (kicking with all of your effort) for the last 15 seconds before returning to 50% effort for the next set.


Jump Rope

Skipping is a flexible workout that benefits your full body as you work to stabilize, jump and turn the rope.

  • Begin with a light jog to warm up.
  • With your jump rope, decide on a skipping style that suits your level of fitness and desired pace.
  • You can skip with high knees, crossing, doubling, single leg, and many other variations.
  • Complete 10 two-minute reps, with a one minute break in between.
  • You can increase the duration depending on your level of fitness.
  • Cool down with a sprint, followed by a 5 minute jog.


Picnic Table Dips

A sturdy picnic bench can make for a great resistance exercise that engages your triceps, biceps and core.

  • Facing away from the picnic table, sit on the bench and place your arms directly beside your hips on each side.
  • Slide yourself off the bench so that you are only supported by your hands and feet.
  • Slowly lower your body almost to the ground so that your knees are bent over 90 degrees and your arms feel the majority of the strain, bending your elbows backwards.
  • When your elbows reach 90 degrees, reverse and, using your leg muscles, bring yourself back up to your starting position (do not return to sitting on the bench)
  • Complete minute-long reps until exhaustion.


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