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8 Genius Holiday Hacks For surviving the Christmas season

The holidays can be ruff.

Use an old wine crate to neatly store your wrapping paper rolls. Slide a cardboard tube around the paper to stop it from coming loose. 


Wrap Christmas lights around clothing hangerto keep them from tangling in storage. A great way to make use of old clothing hangers.

Save your egg cartons and use them to store Christmas ornaments. For bigger ornaments, use plastic cups.

If an ornament breaks, forget the broom—press a slice of bread over the mess of shards to ensure you get even the smallest pieces of glass.

Use your leftover ornaments to fill a vase for a decorative centerpiece. Place a cardboard tube in the center so that your vase looks full without having to use as many bulbs.

Use a 24-cup muffin tin to create your own advent calendar. Not only does this save you the cost of an expensive calendar, it gives you control of what surprises go inside.

Don’t waste money on gift boxes—use old cereal boxes instead, cutting them on three long edges to create their openings.

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