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A New Study Found A Simple Trick to Make You Happier and Reduce Anxiety

Many people struggle to find ways to manage their stress. Sometimes coping methods can include exercise, reading, visiting close friends, or going on vacation. Anxiety is much more common than many people realize, and prioritizing self-care is becoming increasingly encouraged by medical professionals and in the media.

A new study finds a very simple way to help lift your mood. We’ve heard that being generous makes people happier, but what about just being a kind person? The Journal of Happiness Studies researched several strategies that would help lower anxiety, finding one (obvious) thing you can do if you want to improve your mood.

Professor Gentile explains that, “Walking around and offering kindness to others in the world reduces anxiety and increases happiness and feelings of social connection“.

With social media being an active part of most people’s daily routine, it is difficult not to make comparisons and sometimes have feelings of envy, disappointment, or discouragement. This team of researchers suggests this disrupts our sense of well-being.


By using this valuable (and super simple) strategy of practicing loving-kindness, and wishing another person well instead of comparing, you can increase to your overall levels of happiness.

So if you want to combat your own anxiety, try being genuine and empathetic and see how it rewards you. Turns out caring for others really does care for the self.


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