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FACES Magazine

The new Faces Magazine is Ottawa's premiere publication, produced monthly and offered FREE to over 100,000 readers a month. The new Faces Magazine is available at hundreds of high-traffic locations throughout the city. The new Faces Magazine is non traditional in the sense of print media because we also successfully use social media. This is what helps make Faces Magazine a unique and effective way to promote your brand.


Our publication focuses on capturing the people, places and faces that make Ottawa such a world class metropolis. We also shine a spotlight on individuals who have overcome great odds/adversity, as well as those who have done great work for various charitable initiatives around the city.


Faces Magazine continues to grow in scope since its inception in 2007. We began in Nova Scotia with a distribution of under 1,000 and now we have published in 5 provinces with hundreds of thousands of readers across Canada. Our magazines are found in local gyms, restaurants, doctors offices, universities, nightlife establishments, sporting venues, salons, and other quality locations. What makes the advertising opportunity so great with Faces is that unlike newspapers and other publications, your ad will be seen for a whole month. Plus, Faces is passed along to an average of 4-5 people per copy. In addition, targeted social media campaigns will help build awareness of your brand. This is part of what makes Faces Magazine the industry leader.

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