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Max Keeping Humanitarian Award:
Kyle Turris

Jonathan Pitre Award:
Tysen Lefebvre

Entrepreneur of the Year:
Tony Greco

Favourite Accountant:
Gary Katz

Female Artist of the Year:

Male Artist of the Year:
Bowen V.O.K

Group of the Year:
Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine

Female Athlete of the Year:
Rachel Homan

Favourite Angler:
Ryan Flaro

Favourite Author (Female):
Barbara Avon

Favourite Author (Male):
J. Robert Kennedy

Favourite Legal Assistant:
Jessica McGinn

Favourite Dance Instructor:
Emilie Phaneuf

Favourite Dental Assistant:
Macy McGregor

Favourite Dentist:
Dr. Ben Fong

Favourite Esthetician:
Lucie Rosano

Favourite Executive Assistant:
Emma Snider

Favourite Bartender (Male):
Rick Crego

Favourite Bartender (Female):
Erin Gorman

Favourite Blogger/Blog:
APT 613

Favourite Business Owner:
Cheryl Mason

Favourite Business Lunch Location:
Joey Lansdowne

Favourite Chef:
Michael Blackie

Favourite Chiropractor:
Nathalie Beauchamp

Favourite Comedian:
Mark Hatfield

Favourite Dental Hygienist:
Michelle Gauthier

Favourite DJ:

Favourite Electrician:
Brian Young

Favourite Emcee:
Stefan Keyes

Entertainer of the Year:
Jaymes White

Favourite Event Planner:
Jenny Dao

Favourite Ottawa REDBLACK:
Brad Sinopli

Favourite Florist:
Pretty Pots

Favourite Financial Planner:
Tatyana Burylova

Government Relations Specialist:
Ravi Verma

Favourite Journalist:
Carol Anne Meehan

Hair Extensions:
Alyna Vakariouk (Glam Fairy)

Favourite Hairstylist (Male):
Nelson Renouf

Favourite Hairstylist (Female):
Arzie Latifi

Favourite Lawyer:
Lawrence Greenspon

Favourite Paralegal:
Isabelle Laviolette

Favourite Make-Up Artist:
Taryn Miller

Favourite Manager:
Chelsea Miller

Favourite Massage Therapist:
Lisa Corbin

Favourite Mechanic/Auto Repair:
Scott Campbell

Favourite Model (Female):
Katlyn Linton MacNaughton

Favourite Model (Male):
Pip Puveendran

Favourite Promotional Model:
Michaela Dorans

Favourite Mortgage Broker:
Darren Walker

Favourite Naturopathic Doctor:
Joël Villeneuve

Favourite Nutritionist:
Darpan Ahluwlia

Favourite Nurse:
Lisa Meeds

Favourite Personal Trainer (Female)
Emma Wallace

Favourite Personal Trainer (Male)
Tony Greco

Favourite Photographer:
Justin Hawkins

Favourite Instagram Photographer:

Favourite Physiotherapist:
Dave Bellefleur

Favourite Politician:
Jim Watson

Favourite Professional Recruiter:
Ashley Thompson

Favourite Organizer / Promoter:
Brandon Bird / Diamond Mine Agency

Favourite Radio Personality (Male):
Stuntman Stu

Favourite Radio Personality (Female):
Jenni (HOT 89.9)

Favourite Real Estate Agent (Male):
Joey Grimm

Favourite Real Estate Agent (Female):
Colleen Lyle

Favourite Receptionist:
Ashley McCarthy

Favourite Salesperson:
Evan Malamud

Favourite Server (Male):
Connor Jarvis

Favourite Server (Male):
Tony Cafaro

Favourite Server (Female):
Ariane Levasseur

Favourite Social Services Worker:
Shontelle Prokipcak

Favourite Tattoo Artist:
Lea Maurice

Favourite Teacher:
Susan Dunlap

Favourite Travel Agent:
Erin Novodorsky

Favourite TV Personality (Male):
Henry Burris

Favourite TV Personality (Female):
Sarah Freemark

Favourite Veterinarian:
Dr. Ian Cameron

Volunteer of the Year:
Dylan Black

Favourite Yoga Instructor:
Nigel Walker

After Work Drinks Location:

Best Place to Work:

Favourite Burger:
The Works

Favourite Car Dealership:
Tony Graham Toyota

Favourite Luxury Car Dealership:
Otto’s BMW

Favourite Caribbean Food:
Island Flava

Favourite Chinese Food:
Golden Palace

Favourite Child Care Centre:
Tiny Hoppers

Favourite Cleaning Service:
Molly Maids

Favourite Audio/Visual Company:
Quality Entertainment

Favourite Clothing Store:

Clothing Apparel / Designer:
OTT – Over The Top Lifestyle

Favourite Coffee Shop:
Quitters Cafe

Favourite Cosmetic Clinic:
Dr. Tosoni – Ottawa Cosmetic Clinic

Corporate Function Venue:
Brookstreet Hotel

Favourite Country Bar:

Best Customer Service:
Salon Bliss

Favourite Dance Academy:
Pointe of Grace

Favourite Date Spot:

Favourite Dental Clinic:
Warmstone Family Dentistry

Favourite Dessert Spot:
Suzy Q Doughnuts

Employment/Staffing Agency:
Excel HR

Event Planning Company:
LOVE Local Ottawa Valley Events

Favourite Farm:
Saunders Farm

Favourite Fine Dining Restaurant:

Favourite Fitness Centre:
Movati Kanata

Favourite Furniture Store:
Upper Room

Favourite Game Night Venue:
The Loft Board Game Lounge

Favourite General Contractor:
Randy Devine (Handy Randy)

Favourite Golf Course:
The Marshes

Greek / Mediterranean Restaurant

Favourite Home Builder:
Mattamy Homes

Favourite Hotel:
Brookstreet Hotel

Favourite Indian Restaurant
Coconut Lagoon

Favourite Insurance Company:
Bradley’s Insurance

Favourite Interior Design Company:
Laurysen Kitchens

I.T. Company:
High Tech Genesis

Favourite Italian Restaurant:

Favourite Japanese/Sushi:

Favourite Jewellers:
Magpie Jewellers

Favourite Late Night Food:
Elgin Street Diner

Favourite Landscaping Company:
Artistic Landscape Design

Favourite Limousine Company:
East Coast Limos

Favourite Leisure Sales Company:
Mermaid Pools

Favourite Local Winery:
Jabulani Vineyard and Winery

Favourite Local Brewery:
Beau’s Brewery

Favourite Lounge:
The Moonroom

Favourite Marketing Company:
Ottawa Marketing Guys

Favourite Medi-Spa:

Favourite Modelling Agency:
Models International Management

Favourite Music School
Ottawa School of Music

Favourite Nightclub:
The Lookout Bar

Favourite Not-For-Profit:
CHEO Foundation

Favourite Patio:
Copper Spirits + Sights (Andaz Hotel)

Favourite Pet Store:
Critter Jungle

Favourite Pizza:
Colonnade Pizza

Favourite Plumbing Company:
DS Plumbing

Favourite Property Management:
Dore Property Management

Favourite Pub:
Cheshire Cat

Favourite Radio Station:
HOT 89.9

Favourite Real Estate Agency:

Favourite Restaurant:
Vittoria Trattoria

Favourite Salon:
Hair Republic

Favourite Security Company:
Iron Horse Security

Favourite Spa:
Nordik Spa Nature

Favourite Sports Bar:
Big Rig Kitchen + Brewery (Iris Location)

Favourite Student Living Facility:
Algonquin College Residence

Favourite Tanning Salon:
iTan Advanced Tanning Studios

Favourite Tattoo Parlour:
Ink & Iron Tattoo Co.

Favourite Veterinary Hospital:
Orleans Veterinary Hospital

Favourite Volunteer Organization:
Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue

Favourite Wedding Venue:

Favourite Yoga Studio: