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Country’s Rising Star Meghan Patrick Hits the Ottawa Stage

Don’t miss seeing this country star in Ottawa January 17th at Algonquin College

If you’re a fan of country music Meghan Patrick’s classic guitar records will steal your heart. The Bowmanville native’s debut album Grace and Grit sprouted four Top 20 singles and was a breakthrough success. The title track of her new album Country Music Made Me Do It is already climbing the Canadian charts building momentum for the album release on January 12th.  After hitting Ottawa Patrick will continue her 21-day cross country tour with The James Barker Band.

When asked if there was anything that didn’t fit her country niche Patrick struggled for an answer mustering together that her most girlish feature is her occasional love of a good rom com. When she’s not in the studio you might find her fishing, hunting or sipping a good stiff glass of whiskey. Patrick is truly country music through and through.

After a whirlwind year of being a two-time 2017 CCMA winner (Female Artist of the Year, SiriusXM Rising Star) Patrick isn’t slowing down one bit. We got a chance to talk to the up and comer about everything from her love life to how she felt hearing her voice on the radio the first time. If you miss seeing Patrick on the Ottawa stage you may see her chowing down on some ribs at The Smoque Shack (her favourite Ottawa restaurant) or grabbing a BeaverTail in the market. Her silky blonde locks and cowboy boots will be hard to miss.


Faces Magazine: What are some of your favourite memories growing up in Bowmanville Ontario. Did you visit Ottawa often?

Meghan Patrick: Yeah, we did a lot of school trips into Ottawa when I was around 13 or 14. We would go into the city to see shows or go out for supper, so we definitely ventured out there. But I’m not a big city person so I was happy to stay in Bowmanville most of the time.


When you’re in Ottawa do you have any favourite restaurants?

There’s a couple I can think of, one of my favorite things in Ottawa is the food. There is a restaurant called The Smoque Shack, great barbeque, and there’s another place where everything was 5 bucks I think it’s called Warehouse.


You’re coming to Ottawa January 17th and playing at Algonquin College. Besides the show is there anything else you’re excited to do while you’re here?

Well I’ll probably have to get myself a BeaverTail (laughs).


How did you get into the country music scene? Did you always know you wanted to be a singer?

Ya, pretty much as far back as I can remember I always loved music and singing. I think I was about 12 years old when I first started lessons and taking it seriously. I didn’t always want to do country I did a lot of different styles back then. Later on I moved into blue grass which transitioned into country.  When I landed there it just felt like home, it was natural, and I loved it. I loved the audience for country music too, I was hooked.


Your new album Country Music Made Me Do It comes out January 12, can you tell us about where you got the idea for the title and a bit about the production process?

I co-wrote that song with my producer Jeremy Stover and one of my buddies Dan Isbell. It was Jeremy’s idea to do the song though. He said he thought of me for it since I’m so dedicated to my music. He was like “everything you’ve done and everything in your life has always been towards your career”. He told me you’ve moved your whole life here (to Nashville), and he said I don’t know a lot of people who would do that. He told me everything that drives you is music, kind of like “Country Music Made me Do It” and I was like yeah cool that fits and from there we started writing. It was an autobiographical song for what I was going through and a lot of people could relate too. I think country music inspires people a lot and it can inspire a lot of changes in your life.



You’ve had a really exciting year winning CCMA (Canadian Country Music Awards) Female Artist of the Year and have had multiple singles from Grace and Grit hit the top 20. What’s it been like evolving into a household name?

It’s been surreal, it’s a bit weird but amazing. It’s what I’ve been working towards, but it still catches me off guard when someone’s like oh you don’t know her she’s female artist of the year and I’m like oh right I am. It’s hard for me to believe sometimes.


When you’re writing the music and lyrics for your songs what process do you go through?

Usually for me lyrics come first, I’m always writing down ideas in my phone, then I’ll sit down and try to put together something on guitar that feels right and I’ll just go from there. It will depend on if I’m writing by myself or if I’m writing with someone else. Everyone has their own process so it will depend.


A lot of your songs talk about falling in love and relationships. What advice could you give to all the romantics out there looking to make it in love?

Haha, don’t ask me I’m doing terrible that’s why I have so much to write about.


You’ve shared the stage with some big names like Lady Antebellum and Keith Urban, what were those experiences like?

They were pretty much as you would expect, they are great people. It’s always amazing when you get the opportunity to work with major artists like that. You look up to them and are inspired by them your whole life and you hope when you meet them they’re going to be what you expect and both Keith and Lady Antebellum are honestly some of the nicest most down to earth people I’ve ever meet. They are both truly great people, super talented and I’m grateful to have worked with both of them


Do you remember the first time you heard a song of yours on the radio? What was that like?

I was in Bowmanville going through the dairy queen (laughs).  I know this is going to sound terrible but I don’t really spend a lot of time listening to FM radio, in my truck I’m normally listening to something on my phone so I don’t listen to the radio consistently. So for whatever reason I decided to flip on the radio I was just in time to hear “and now here’s Meghan Patrick’s new single” and it was cool that I was by myself in the car, I had that moment to just sit there and be like you’re doing it.


You currently reside in Nashville, what are some of the big differences between living down south and Bowmanville?

Well the weather for one but it’s actually cold down here now. For me compared to Bowmanville the reason I live here is that I’m surrounded by other artists, there’s always music around me. There’s always people that are inspiring me, it is also frustrating and humbling when your surrounded by so many talented people. That’s really why I moved here, to be inspired, to be in the heart of country music and to challenge myself.


Besides hitting up Ottawa, what other cities are you most excited about visiting on your tour?

I’ve toured through Canada a bunch of times now and I’ve had the opportunity to see different provinces and cities and I love them all for different reason. But I have to say I’m especially excited to go to the east coast.  It will be the first time I’m touring out there as a solo artist and a lot of tours don’t go out that way so I’m excited.


Who’s your favourite country music singer and why?

I have many (laughs) that’s tough though, if I had to choose for more modern country I’d say Erik Church and Miranda Lambert. On the more classic side of things Dolly Parton, George Strait and Alan Jackson.


I’m sure you’ve had a lot of memorable experiences on this journey, any that really stand out?

The CCMA’S for sure this year were pretty spectacular. Getting to perform was a huge highlight, a really amazing moment. And it all happened so fast, I had to keep reminding myself don’t let this moment pass you by. Really live in it and enjoy it. This was my first time performing at the show and I hope to perform in the future but I know it won’t be as special as the first time. For me it was really special just because I loved the song I played so much, it meant a lot to get to do that on the show.


 You’re a pretty classic country girl being a fan of trucks, fishing, riding horses etc. Is there anything you’re interested in that doesn’t fit this niche?

Hmm, I’m trying to think of something. I’m very country tomboy I’m trying to think of something really girly. I like a good rom com the odd time (laughs).


Can you tell us a funny quirk your fans might not expect about you?

I am horrible at math, like embarrassingly bad, I have to count on my fingers haha.


The Holiday season is upon us! Tell us about some of your traditions.

I’m excited, I get to head home, generally now it’s just trying to organize my time so I can visit everyone, running all over the place. Christmas eve I’ll be over at my dads then Christmas day I’ll go see my mom and hopefully get to visit some family in Buffalo on the way up. I’ll be just eating a lot of good food, having some drinks watching Christmas movies probably the same as most people.


When you’re not in the studio or on tour where might we find you?

Probably fishing or surfing!

photo via: @megpatrickmusic


By: Amanda Havey


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