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Easy Halloween Costumes That Double As Great Puns

You’ve spent years spending money on costumes that aren’t nearly as clever at these super simple and incredibly witty halloween costumes. Easily become the hit of the party this year with minimal effort and a lot of creativity.

1. Nudist On Strike

photo: @noramerc

Needed: An everyday outfit, a sign, the ability to repeatedly point to a sign and smile.

2. 404 Error (Costume Not Found)

photo: @erikdanielshs

This year, the best costume happens to be no costume – thanks to an internet error.

3. God’s Gift To Women

photo: thedesignista

All you need is the tag.

4. The Ceiling Fan

photo: @kameronmurray

Needed: A t-shirt, some pom-poms (or homemade banners) and some playoffs spirit.

5. Third Wheel

photo: cartalkblogs.com

Although you already are the third wheel, make a costume out of your [unfortunate] situation by adding the wheel.

6.Holy Cow


This costume can actually be one of the easiest on the list. All that you need is a shirt with cow print (or that says ‘Cow’) and a halo. When people ask what you are, just begin to pray.


9. Freudian Slips

photo: popsugar.com

Needed: A night dress, some paper, and some friends who took psych 1101.

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