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Four Alarm Clocks That Don’t Take Snooze For An Answer

Hitting snooze is surprisingly common. According to a 2018 study, 55% of people oversleep at least once in a week, and 75% of those who do will be late for work because of it. Do you need a more aggressive approach from your alarm clock? Try one of these four innovative concepts that will have you up at the crack of dawn.



    An alarm with wheels and a lot of nerve. Clocky will start your day with a game of chase − running around your room at the sound of your alarm. To turn it off? You have to catch it. 

Clocky, the original alarm clock that runs away.



A clock that’s out for the cash. Snuzluz knows that time is money…it connects to your bank account via wifi, and will donate your money to an organization that you dislike for every minute you don’t get up.

The Snuznluz Donation Clock, found on Think Geek

Drill Sergeant Alarm Clock

This alarm is ready to get a rise out of you. At the crack of dawn, the clock will start to insult you until you wake up. It knows ten phrases, all of which cut deep.

The Drill Sergeant Alarm Clock, Found on Amazon


Carpet Alarm Clock

A clock that has the carpet act down pat. But come morning, this alarm will wake you up by forcing you to fully stand up on it.

Ruggie Carpet Alarm Clock

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