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Guys: How To Find Your Summer-Time Replacement For Jeans

You may not realize how much you entrust your comfortable but heavy denim jeans to complete any outfit. When hot days hit, make sure you’re prepared with an arsenal of stylish and lightweight pants to sub in.

Cover Photo: Narsete Photography for Faces Magazine


Keep it long with linen or cotton trousers

Linen or cotton pants make for dependable replacements to throw on when forecasts spike.

photo: @macdimanlig

Roll it up (or buy it cropped)

Nothing is more in right now than pants cropped to three quarters. Jump on this trend to draw attention to your shoes while keeping you a bit cooler.

photo: @kellyoubae


Fall Short (And Wear Them The Right Way)

Buy shorts that fall just above your knee (the perfect height that will keep you looking tall but won’t look uncomfortably short, either). For a safe investment, aim for neutral colours that will pair with anything.

photo: @schadboutique

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