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Heart and Crown’s Fish and Chips are Supporting Youth in Need through Mealshare

“Mealshare creates a simple way to turn the Dining Out experience, into Helping Out”

Businesses are coming together to do amazing things in the city this summer! Let’s talk about the Mealshare project and what Heart and Crown is doing in support of this great cause.

Mealshare was started out west by two cousins Andrew Hall and Jeremy Bryant and is currently blowing up Nationwide. Mealshare is a not-for-profit organization that partners with restaurants to provide meals for youth locally and internationally. Each time a customer orders a Mealshare item on a menu, the restaurant contributes financially to Mealshare, which forwards those funds to it’s charity partners to provide a meal to youth in need. Half of the meals stay local and are provided to Operation Come Home, Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa, and Parkdale Food Centre. The other half will go internationally through Save the Children Canada.

Heart and Crown has generously picked their award-winning fish and chips as their Mealshare menu item meaning for each fish and chip purchased by a patron, Heart and Crown donates to youth in need.  The Heart and Crown’s 3 locations and their sister pub The Aulde Dubliner have joined the program! We caught up with Ottawa’s Mealshare leader Katie Heisson of YOW City Style to ask about the difference that this partnership makes. “Ottawa recently passed the 100,000 milestone for meals provided to youth through the program. With generous restaurants like the Heart and Crown coming on board with their fish and chips as their Mealshare item – they sell over 40,000 of them per year – I’m hopeful we can at least double that number by the year’s end”. This one menu item will have a huge impact on youth hunger as it will translate to over 40 thousand meals being provide to youth in need.

Mealshare will be having a launch party on June 19th at the Heart and Crown in the Byward Market from 5:30-7:30 bringing together mealshare staff, partner restaurants and foodies to celebrate the launch. Katie notes, “this will be Ottawa’s biggest expansion since the program launched here two years ago. We are bringing on more than 20 new locations as partner restaurants, which is helping to significantly increase the awareness of the program to diners, and in turn having a significant impact on youth hunger in our city.” Since 2013, Mealshare has provided almost two million meals through operations in Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal.

Restaurants looking to join this incredibly easy and impactful giving program can do so by reaching out to Ottawa Community Leader Katie Hession – katie@mealshare.ca. For more info on this not-for-profit organization, check out their website: http://mealshare.ca/en/

THE HEART & CROWN (Byward Market location)

67 Clarence St, Ottawa, ON K1N 5P5 | 613-562-0674 | www.heartandcrown.pub

Facebook: /heartandcrownbyward | Twitter: @Heart_and_Crown | Instagram: @heartandcrown


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