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How To Stay Sweat Free, All Summer

When the heat is on, these tips will help you keep your cool.


Cold Showers Actually Make You Hotter

If you’re looking to cool down, avoid suffering through an ice-cold shower in hopes of bringing down your internal body temperature, because a bit of reverse psychology is at work here. Steamier showers will boost blood circulation to the skin, helping heat to escape from the body, while stone-cold temperatures will decrease blood flow, actually trapping heat and giving you no relief.


Don’t Bag Things Down

On hot and sunny days, don’t be caught dead wearing large bags that stick to you while weighing you down. Avoid backpacks at all costs—even cross-body bags will work against you as they pull your clothes tighter to your body and block air from circulating through your layers. Instead, pack light, and settle for a waist bag (you know, the fanny pack). If you’re going somewhere to stay, try a large beach bag.

Never Re-Use Clothes In The Summer

While we’re all for recycling an outfit during the other three seasons of the year, wearing clothes you’ve already spent some hours in will guarantee some sweat. During the day, your body’s natural oils and dirt collect between the fibers in your clothes and significantly decrease any breathability they may have.

Wear Socks. Wear Them.

In the same way that dirty clothes make for more heat, dirty feet will also make you more uncomfortable on hot days—socks wick away moisture that the sweat pores on your feet will produce, helping keep you and your shoes dry and cool.


Shaving Your Beard Will Not Beat The Heat.

Before you join the hordes of men shaving their beards to beat the heat this summer, let us be the ones to break the news—your beard will not make you warmer. In the winter, a beard keeps the wind and elements off your face, but it doesn’t actually insulate. In the summer, a scruffy beard will work to protect your face from UV Rays while still being breathable. If you think your beard makes you hot, it may just be the power of suggestion at work. (Even though beards might be plain annoying during other summer activities like eating chicken wings or slurping watermelon). Only you know your truest motivations, but think twice about shaving your beard this month.

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