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How Your Favourite Summer Foods Stack Up

Hot Dog vs Hamburger – which is healthier?  Your Favourite Summer Snack Foods Step Into The Ring. 


Hotdogs vs. Hamburgers 

photo: @locallansdowne


Winner: The Hamburger 

Given that your hamburger is not smothered with grease or loaded with bacon and cheese, fresh beef burgers offer a bit more sustenance than hotdogs, which typically contain nitrates (associated with cancer risk in cured meats). Hamburgers are easier to do well, and to load with good stuff.  

Coleslaw vs. Potato Salad 

photo: @kitchenstories_official

Winner: Coleslaw 

While both salads are typically smothered in sugary, high-calorie sauces, coleslaw comes out on top solely for the high nutritional value of cabbage. Loaded with fiber, Vitamin C and Vitamin K, cabbage is a great cancer-fighter and has anti-inflammatory properties. As one of few ways most people eat raw cabbage, coleslaw is a clear backyard buffet winner. 

Popsicle vs. Ice-cream 

photo: @thecupcakeloungeottawa

Winner: The Popsicle 
Because your average popsicle is lower in fat than the average cup of ice-cream, the winner of this close call is served on a stick. But healthy options in both weight classes abound. Sugar-free, fat-free and all-natural treats line grocery store shelves in summer.

By Lindsay Childerhose

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