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The 5 Commandments of Summer Style

Many of us fall into the trap of sacrificing style for comfort amidst the heat. Here’s how to dress down while you stay dressed up.

Cover photo: @jediah.b shot by @the.architext

#1 – Stay Suited In Light Fabrics and Light Colours 

Beware of those who say that summer is too hot for suits—they are simply wearing the wrong suit. Air on the side of light pastels and light linens, and a world of summer-style possibilities opens before you. Play pastels off each other for some serious edge.

photo: @macdimanlig

#2 – Go For Bold With Your Bathing Suit

Quite possibly the only place where bright and bold colours reign supreme: by the pool side or beach in summer. Not only do neon colours help you to look more tanned than you actually are, they also match the energy of a mid-summer beach party effortlessly—tropical prints don’t stand a chance.

photo: @nikben via @schadboutique


#3- Make Friends With Summer Hats

Find a stylish hat to do double duty for you all summer long—a lightweight sun hat will keep you cool, protect from sunburn, and give your outfit an awesome vibe. Sorry, baseball caps not included.

photo: @vamboutique


#4 – Buy Your Sandals One Size Too Big


This long-kept secret of summer sandals will open up a world of comfort for you. When buying summer footwear—specifically sandals that you’ll be wearing sans-socks—always buy a half or full size bigger than what fits snugly. After spending a few hours walking in the heat, feet tend to swell and snug shoes become uncomfortable. Give your feet some breathing room now and thank yourself later.


photo: @nordstromottawa


#5 – Avoid Flip Flops Like The Plague

Beyond a poor excuse for footwear, flip flops come in at a style score of zero. More fashionable and comfortable options abound. Save your money for sandals that aren’t named after the irritating sound you make when wearing them.

photo: @letelliershoes


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