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The AirBnbs of Boats and Luxury Cars Are Here

Boat or luxury car owners use their buys an average of 14 days a year. These new businesses have created an opportunity for the other 353: they help owners make money on cars and boats they’re not using, and give renters a chance to use what they don’t own.







You’ve used Airbnb as a replacement to hotel booking, but did you know that you can book boats just as easily? Airbnb offers the same security to owners and renters for boats, and allows people to book for multiple nights.









Turo is the AirBnb for cars. For up to $225 a day, you can rent anything from convertibles to smart cars, to classics.








BoatBound is dedicated to helping boat owners and renters connect. For owners who are nervous about handing over the keys to strangers, the site gives users an option to rent the boat as a charter with a captain, so that they drive while others pay to use the boat.

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