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MONOWHALES Are Coming to Ottawa This Friday. (But First, Their #OddlySatisfying Music Video)

If you’ve been waiting for a rocking show to kick off your summer vibe look no further than the MusicXmaker Warehouse this Friday June 1 hosting the Monowhales. This indie rock band hails from Toronto and loves performing energetic shows through their dynamic stage presence.

One of our favourite videos is their recent release for ‘Take It Back’ , which takes the #oddlysatisfying trend to a whole new level. Watch it for yourself and prepare to be satisfied.

The Take it Back video has been viewed over a million times and has garnered much attention around the music scene. We got the inside scoop from Jordan Circosta on the band’s routines and what we can expect for the show this Friday.

Left to Right: Holly Jamieson, Zach Zanardo, Sally Shaar, Jordan Circosta Photo:www.monowhales.com

Toronto knows you well, but can you share what Ottawa party goers can expect to experience at your show on FridayThey can expect a hard-hitting, rocking set. The songs are upbeat indie rock and we try to bring a lot of energy and showmanship to everything we do. If the crowd gets big enough Sally really likes to crowd surf, so make sure you’re ready for it. 

In today’s world it’s important to stand out online in the sea of music videos – you are definitely catching people’s attention. What do your brainstorming sessions look like regarding inspiration for videos and songs? The video concepts usually start with Sally. She’ll take time to listen to the songs and really internalize what she thinks will visually represent the music, compiling ideas on Pinterest and Google and then collaborating with our team of producers and designers to pull it off.

What is your favourite team building activity to solidify your chemistry? We’ve been looking for something like that for a while, but because we are a self-managed, independent band we’re often hard at work when we’re together. The times when we really get to let loose is when we’re on the road and can drive from town to town, enjoy each other’s company, and not have to think about anything expect getting on stage and playing. That’s where we feel the most companionship. We’re a band that loves to perform, nothing compares to that experience for us.



How is your new video Real Love being received? Are you enjoying the feedback? Absolutely! We got a bunch of people watching on Facebook and Youtube and the comments and feedback have been super positive. People as far as the UK have been picking up on what we’ve been up to which is really encouraging for a band like us. Generally the feedback has been really positive and we are looking forward to taking it as far as we can go.

What is your build up before show? Any habits, routines, or go to snacks? We generally try to make sure we eat but it’s difficult at times since we get really pumped up and kinda lose our appetite. Sally’s ritual is all about coconut water. We like to hang out backstage and keep everything really calm, a totally different vibe than what people are used to seeing from us onstage. We try to create a peaceful, chill environment so when we get on stage we can let that energy explode. There’s a weird dichotomy between the way we behave with each other behind the scenes to when we actually come out on stage and play. It’s not that we are putting on an act or anything like that, we just know we’re going to expend so much energy onstage that we don’t have much to spare beforehand!

How do you celebrate once the videos are completed ? About a week before Real Love dropped we threw a pre-screening party at an event space in downtown Toronto, putting a guestlist together of people that we were really thankful for that had helped us with the video. We invited the crew and our team and before we knew it the guest list was around 200 people. We got pizza from Panago and beer from San Rafael donated and threw this enormous party that raged until 2 in the morning. People had a blast and we had such a good time, a cathartic release of all the work we put in. We built the set in one day with this amazing team of set designers that came together to help us out. We shot the video from 9am until 5am the next morning, twenty straight hours. All these amazing people had put so much energy into the video, was nice to give people the opportunity to drink and party for free and have a great time. 



Show Details: Friday June 1 in Ottawa @ Makerspace North (250 City Centre Ave. Unit 216)

All Ages Show- 7pm doors – $10 advance 

Grab your tickets here


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