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V-Day Poll

We asked 100 girls in the Ottawa area to list some of the worst Valentine’s Day gifts that they’ve ever received.  


#1 – Gas Station Flowers 

Turns out, you’re not the only guy (or girl) who thought that “a flower is a flower”. But guys, if you’re going to buy flowers from a gas station, just be sure to hide any evidence that they’re, well, from a gas station. 


photo: @fromblacktowhite.be


 #2 – Tickets to YOUR Favourite Sporting Event / Concert 


There isn’t a guy out there who hasn’t made the critically false assumption that their girl would enjoy a sports event or concert just as much as them. But if you’re that guy this year, just be sure to get seats with good cellphone service, for her of course.   


photo: @cflredblacks


#3 – Tacky Jewellery 

While many an expert will tell you that jewellery is a smart choice, it is only smart if you ask for another woman’s opinion. Don’t eye it alone. You may think you know your girlfriend’s taste in jewellery, but learn from these mistakes—the odds are against you.    


photo: @princejewelrybox


#4 – Underwear… That Doesn’t Fit 


An endearing gift meant to make your girl feel good. But, choosing lingerie can be similar to navigating a minefield, unless you know her sizes. 

photo: @lasenza


#5 – Nothing 


If you’ve fallen in the ‘nothing’ category before, there’s a high chance you don’t need gift giving advice this year…  

photo: @lje513


#5 – Bargain Bin CD’s / DVD’s 


CDs and DVDs fall in the grey area between ‘sentimental’ and ‘joke’ gifts. But be weary—disks find themselves in the bargain bin for a reason—and her love of Grey’s Anatomy Seasons one-to-five doesn’t’ go that far on V-Day. 


photo: @bishop417


#6 – Buffet Voucher 

Reservations don’t have to be fancy, or exclusive. In fact, the only thing they can’t be is cheap.   

photo: @antonioantony


#7 – Large Stuffed Animals 

These can be fun to receive—and probably help to let all of Wal-Mart know that you’re runner-up for this year’s Best Boyfriend Award—but what to do with a giant stuffed animal the other 364 days of the year? 

photo: @uncleshellers


#8 – Household Goods 

Birthdays, Christmas, maybe even Easter—all great times to spend on practical gifts for each other. But hold off on the Vacuums and Ice Scrapers this month, no matter what the salesman tells you.  

photo: @oktablackmore


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