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What are the Best Paint Colors to Sell My Home?

When choosing colors to sell a home it is important to: 


  • Appeal to the greatest number of buyers with neutral colors. 
  • Choose one light color in an open concept space or in one with sloped ceilings to make if feel spacious.  
  • Add a little color to rooms like bathrooms and bedrooms in lieu of white. 
  • Make sure built-in cabinetry color and finish is not dated or worn looking. 
  • Maintain consistency with the same color applied to baseboards, window casings, door casings, and crown molding (trim). 
  • Keep ceilings white in a flat sheen level. 



My top color choices, all from Benjamin Moore, are: 


For cabinetry and trim work: white just works.  It is the most classic kitchen cabinet color.  It gives the appearance of freshness and cleanliness.  Ideal if the white is balanced—not too blue, not too cream.   


Oxford White CC-30 



For walls/open concept areas:  

OC-24 Wind’s Breath 



For bedrooms and bathrooms consider: 

OC-52 Gray Owl  



Exterior Door:   

PM-9 Black 



Tanya Collins, Principal of Tanya Collins Interior Design  






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