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FACES Awards 17

Max Keeping Humanitarian Award:

Dylan Black


Favourite Entrepreneur:

Jeff Hunt


Favourite Accountant:

Christine MacLean


Artist of the Year:

Kira Isabella


Favourite Angler:

Big Jim McGlaughlin


Favourite Author (Male):

Jody Mitic


Favourite Author (Female):

Maggie Wheeler


Favourite Legal Assistant:

Kimberly Purdy


Favourite Dental Assistant:

Mackenzie Lemmon


Favourite Executive Assistant:

Kathy Downs


Female Athlete of Year:

Brooke Henderson


Male Athlete of Year:

Erik Karlsson


Favourite Bartender (Male):

Johnny Goats


Favourite Bartender (Female):

Louise Trudeau


Favourite Blogger (Male):

Jean-Luc Boissonneault


Favourite Blogger (Female):

Carol Anne Meehan


Favourite Business Owner:

Eugene Melynk


Favourite Chef:

Michael Blackie


Favourite Chiropractor:

Stacia Kelly


Favourite Comedian:

Mark Hatfield


Favourite Dance Instructor:

Michael Falcucci


Favourite Dentist:

Yolande Dmytrowski


Favourite Dental Hygienist:

Krystyna Renbaum


Favourite DJ:

DJ Katrella


Favourite Electrician:

Jeff Cotton


Favourite Emcee:

Stu Schwartz



Favourite Entertainer:

Derek McKinley


Favourite Esthethician:

Jessica Ferguson


Favourite Event Planner:

Sophia Jacob


Favourite Ottawa Senator:

Craig Anderson


Favourite REDBLACK:

Henry Burris


Favourite Florist:

Ottawa Flowers


Favourite Financial Advisor:

Andrew W Bradley


Favourite Government Relations Specialist:

Sarah Elizabeth Douglas


Favourite Journalist:

Sandra Hoffman


Favourite Hair Extensions:

Leah Vakariouk


Favourite Hair Stylist (Male):

Nelson Renouf


Favourite Hair Stylist (Female):

Laura Kardos


Favourite Hostess:

Hailey Balaz


Favourite Lawyer:

David Hollingsworth


Favourite Make-Up Artist:

Taryn Miller


Favourite Manager:

Ryan Pownall


Favourite Massage Therapist:

David Williamson


Favourite Mechanic / Automotive Repair:

Boivin Automotive Repair


Favourite Model (Female):

Jenn DuPuy


Favourite Model (Male):

Bradley Hamilton


Favourite Mortgage Broker:

Nick Kaaki


Favourite Naturopathic Doctor:

Erin Kasparek


Favourite Nutritionist:

Holly Warner


Favourite Nurse:

Stacey Perreault


Favourite Paralegal:

Melanie Texeira


Favourite Personal Trainer:

Tony Greco


Favourite Photographer:

Michelle Valberg


Favourite Physiotherapist:

Kirstie Gillanders


Politician (Municipal):

Jim Watson


Politician (Provincial):

Lisa MacLeod


Politician (Federal):

Catherine McKenna


Professional Recruiter:

Ashley Thompson


Professional Organizer:

 Kathy McEwan


Favourite Promoter:

Chelsea Mason


Favourite Promotional Model:

Erica McAdam


Favourite Radio Personality (Male):

Stu Schwartz


Favourite Radio Personality (Female):

Jenni Condon


Favourite Real Estate Agent (Female):

Colleen Lyle


Favourite Real Estate Agent (Male):

Chris Coveny


Favourite Receptionist:

Kimberly Barney


Favourite Salesperson:

Evan Malamud


Favourite Server (Female):

Louisa Larocque


Favourite Server (Male)

Tony Cafaro


Favourite Social Services Worker:

Emily Burton


Favourite Sports Broadcaster:

Ian Mendes


Favourite Tattoo Artist:

Pickles (Barrhaven)


Favourite Teacher:

Erika Erskine


Favourite TV Personality (Male):

Matt Skube


Favourite TV Personality (Female):

Sarah Freemark


Favourite Veterinarian:

Katie Jones


Favourite Volunteer of the Year:

Tanya O’Connor


Favourite Yoga Instructor:

Nigel Walker


Favourite After-Work Drinks:

Heart and Crown


Favourite Best Place to Work:



Favourite Best Burger:

The Works


Favourite Business Lunch Location:

Johnny Farina’s Restaurant


Favourite Car Dealership:

Myers Chev Olds


Favourite Car Dealership (Luxury Cars):

Mark Motors


Favourite Caribbean Food:

Island Flava


Favourite Child Care Centre:

Tiny Hoppers


Favourite Chinese Restaurant:

Golden Palace


Favourite Cleaning Service:

Molly Maids


Favourite Clothing Store:



Favourite Clothing Apparel/Designer:

Blondie Apparel


Favourite Coffee Shop:



Favourite Corporate Function Venue:

Brookstreet Hotel


Favourite Cosmetic Clinic

Facial Surgery + Cosmetic Centre Ottawa


Favourite Country Bar:

Crazy Horse


Favourite Customer Service:

Ottawa Senators Hockey Club


Favourite Date Spot:

Oh So Good Desserts


Favourite Dental Clinic:

Villanova Dental Studio


Favourite Dessert Spot:

Suzy Q Doughnuts


Event Planning Company:

ILUPH Events+Décor+Rentals


Favourite Farm:

Saunders Farm


Favourite Fine Dining:

Giovanni’s Ristorante


Ottawa’s Favourite Fitness Centre:

Movati Athletic


Ottawa’s Favourite Furniture Store:

Urban Barn


Ottawa’s Favourite Game Night Venue:

House of Targ


Ottawa’s Favourite General Contractor:

Ground Up Construction and Brawn Construction


Ottawa’s Favourite Golf Course:

Canadian Golf & Country Club


Ottawa’s Favourite Greek Restaurant:

EVOO Greek Kitchen


Ottawa’s Favourite Home Builder:

Mattamy Homes


Ottawa’s Favourite Hotel:

Brookstreet Hotel


Ottawa’s Favourite Interior Design:

StyleHaus Interiors


Ottawa’s Favourite Employment Agency:

Excel HR


Ottawa’s Favourite Indian Restaurant:

Coconut Lagoon


Favourite Insurance Company:

Bradley Insurance


Favourite IT Company:



Favourite Italian Restaurant:

Vittoria Trattoria


Favourite Japanese / Sushi:



Favourite Jewellers:

Magpie Jewellery


Favourite Late Night Food:

Zak’s Diner


Favourite Law Firm:

Mann Lawyers


Favourite Landscaping Company:

Killarney Designs


Favourite Leisure Sales:

Mermaid Pools


Favourite Limousine Company:

East Coast Limousine


Favourite Local Winery:

Domaine Perrault


Favourite Lounge:

Moscow Tea Room


Favourite Marketing Company:

Cinnamon Toast


Favourite Medi-Spa:

Hummingbird Medi Spa


Favourite Modelling Agency:

Angie’s Models + Talent


Favourite Music School:

Ottawa Music Academy


Favourite Night Club:

The Lookout


Favourite Not-For-Profit:

Christie Lake Kids


Favourite Patio:

Locals Lansdowne


Favourite Pet Care:

The Pampered Pet


Favourite Pet Store:

Global Pet Foods Kanata


Favourite Pizza:

Gabriel’s Pizza


Favourite Plumbing:

John the Plumber


Favourite Property Management:

Sleepwell Property Management


Favourite Pub:

The Cheshire Cat


Favourite Radio Station:

HOT 89.9


Favourite Real Estate Agency:

Keller Williams Integrity


Favourite Restaurant:

Giovanni’s Ristorante


Favourite Salon:

Scissors Hair Studio


Favourite Spa:

Nordik Spa


Favourite Sports Bar:

The Senate Sports Tavern


Favourite Student Living Facility:

1Eleven Student Housing


Favourite Tanning Salon:



Favourite Tattoo Parlour:

Freeworld Tattoo


Favourite Taxi Company:

Blueline Taxi


Favourite Travel Agency:

Flight Centre


Favourite Veterinary Hospital:

Westboro Animal Hospital


Favourite Volunteer Organization:

Humane Society


Favourite Wedding Venue:



Favourite Yoga Studio:

Pure Yoga


Favourite Local Brewery:

Beau’s Brewery


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