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Christian Wolanin is both an American and Canadian. He was born in Quebec City, but his father’s career as a defenseman for the Colorado...


Francesca Farago, also known as “Frankie,” became a hit sensation after the airing of Netflix’s reality show Too Hot To Handle.


With an ever increasingly diverse restaurant and nightclub scene, there are a plethora of attention-worthy spots to grab a relaxed after-work cocktail or experience...

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Shopping & Food

There are only so many hours in your evening, so why not choose happy hours? Here are five of Ottawa’s top-rated restaurants whose happy...


Eggs are a common sight in breakfast foods, and although they received some backlash in recent years over unfounded claims of high cholesterol, their...


One year ago, Shopify pledged to invest at least $5 million per year to help combat climate change. Just one year later, and the...


Leaving a good impression on someone isn’t always easy. Here’s four quick tips for sparking a positive one in mere seconds. Signal Genuity  Our...


If you are accustomed to learning online, through your screen, or on an e-reader, you might find you have better retention if you switch...


Kevin Joanisse fell in love with coffee while traveling abroad in Latin America, but an accident and the pandemic would turn his passion into...

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