LumberJaxe Ottawa: More Space, More Fun

By Dan Lalande

Since 2019, LumberJaxe Ottawa has been the top spot in the nation’s capital for recreational axe-throwing. Now, the place promoting the safest fun you can have with a sharpened projectile has expanded. This already popular facility can accommodate more leagues, corporate events, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and nights or afternoons out for those just looking for a good time than ever before.

It was a necessary move, prompted by the unstoppable popularity of the pastime, rivalling only Pickleball as the peoples’ preferred form of play.

“We needed more room!” explains co-founder Kerry Moher. “Axe throwing requires a lot of space to be safe. Our old space could only accommodate about 32 participants in an event. Now that we’re closer to 6,500 square feet with twice as many lanes, we can host events of 64 people using our standard tournament rules—but we can fit even more for free-throwing.”

In other words, the facility has doubled its capacity. The original space, situated up front, is comprised of four lanes; the new back area boasts another four. The latter features great lighting and is sheltered by a garage door that can be opened in agreeable weather. Up to eight people are allowed to avail themselves of each lane, which features two targets apiece.

In addition, the freshly added back lanes are built to accommodate a new form of benign weaponry: the Big Axe. A Big Axe, being three feet long, takes a lot more space to throw. In LumberJaxe Ottawa’s expansive annex, one target per lane is designed to let people unleash their inner Big Joe Mufferaw.

“The other main advantage of the new space,” the understandably proud Moher continues, “is privacy. All of our leagues occur on the back lanes. That lets us offer more leagues without having to turn away private events. It also lets us run two private events of 20-30 throwers, with each group feeling that they have their own private space.”

And while there are certainly no plans to axe the axe, that manual torpedo does have new in-house competition: the knife.

That’s right: knife throwing isn’t just for circus performers or extras in movie battle scenes anymore. Extra fencing had been added for newbies and leaguers to try and pierce the bull’s eye with the fork’s BFF. LumberJaxe Ottawa has sourced quality knives with guards to promote safety, though old hands at the game are welcome to use their preferred weaponry.

Already the new space is enjoying heavy booking. LumberJaxe Ottawa now has different leagues four days a week. The Axe Leagues play on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays; Mondays are reserved for The Knife League. All skill levels are welcome, with “axe-perts” available for guidance.

LumberJaxe Ottawa is also the only axe-throwing hall in the city fully licensed for on-site food and beverage. Small wonder it’s high on the list of hot spots recommended by social directors and event planners, who regularly promote it as a form of corporate team building. It’s such a spirited and effective alternative, in fact, that LumberJaxe Ottawa is regularly revisited by satisfied corporate customers.

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“We’re always looking for new ways to promote axe and knife throwing,” affirms Moher. “Whether it’s a new style of axe, a crazy new trick shot, or even a fancy new beverage from one of our local suppliers, there’s always something different going on at LumberJaxe Ottawa.”

Maybe that’s because, aside from the fact that it’s run by enthusiastic owners, so many different types of people populate the place. LumberJaxe Ottawa’s diverse clientele is a 50/50 split between men and women. Their customer base also covers a wide range of ages, everyone from teens to seniors. Says Moher, “Axe throwing is an incredibly inclusive sport, with a fairly low barrier to entry. Anyone can land an axe, with our help.”

“This is the kind of hobby that’s open to all skill and interest levels,” Moher emphasizes. “All you need is the time and dedication to succeed! As such, we want to keep pushing into untapped markets, and give everyone a taste of this sport that we love so much!”

Sounds like another expansion is being targeted.

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