UTG Digital Media: Success Writ Large

Photography by Sean Sisk

While you haven’t seen Alan Wehbe’s name up in lights, you’ve certainly seen his clients’.

That’s because Alan Wehbe is the founder of UTG Digital Media, the Ottawa-based company revolutionizing the digital signage industry. Wehbe is the power behind the power, the man whose innovation is transforming how businesses communicate their identity and their messages through dynamic digital displays.

Wehbe, who relocated to Canada from Lebanon in 2000, is an Interactive Multimedia graduate from Algonquin College’s Applied Arts and Technology program. Armed with expertise in design, operations, product development, and sales, along with a passion for technology and innovation, he founded UTG Digital Media, a world-leading designer and manufacturer of custom-made signage solutions. UTG Digital Media’s groundbreaking integration of software and hardware facilitates LCD and LED-based optimal performance for various requirements and budgets, allowing businesses to showcase their unique selling propositions on any scale.

UTG Digital Media’s capabilities have also been recognized at the Canadian Sign Industry Awards for its large-scale projects at airports, retail locations, government, educational, and hospitality facilities. The company’s reputation for excellence attracted high-profile contracts, including the digital adornment of Vegas’s prestigious Jewel nightclub. This unique LED stairs project showcased UTG Digital Media’s ability to manage large-scale, complex installations, reinforcing its status as a leader in the industry while showcasing what Ottawa could achieve on the international stage.

If you don’t want to buy, you can rent! UTG Digital Media makes its digital signs and displays available for all sorts of events around the city, including festivals, weddings, and graduations of any size and scale. As a local company, UTG offers rental services to Ottawa at highly competitive rates, including its eye-catching double-sided LED trailer that many have probably seen around town. Being local has its perks: super-fast response times, budget-friendly rentals (thanks to low transport costs), personalized service, a keen understanding of local events, strong community ties, easy coordination, immediate availability, and reliable on-the-spot support. As Alan puts it, it’s like having your own team of digital signage superheroes right here in Ottawa!

But it’s not just the technology and services that set UTG Digital Media apart—it’s the people and the culture behind it all. Wehbe attributes UTG Digital Media’s success to its exceptional team and dynamic culture. He carefully selects his in-house team, outsourcers, partners, and collaborators, such as prestigious and well-trusted sign companies and advertising agencies. Wehbe promotes open communication and a collaborative culture that can swiftly adapt to market changes. Post-sales support is a particular point of pride, with UTG Digital Media maintaining a local presence in every country it operates in, ensuring constant reliability.

When it’s not busy devising and displaying everything from customer-enticing kiosks to imminently readable ribbons and LED walls at festivals and events, UTG Digital Media is hard at work on R&D. Since innovation is at the heart of UTG Digital Media’s operations, Wehbe is currently leveraging AI-driven analytics and interactive capabilities to push the signage industry into a dynamic new age. For example, UTG Digital Media is helping a California-based transit system gain deeper insights into rider behavior, enhancing the customer experience. Additionally, the company is expanding its product line to offer more energy-efficient and sustainable solutions, reflecting its commitment to environmental stewardship.

Giving, whether on a planetary scale or a local one, is another of UTG Digital Media’s admirable thrusts. During the pandemic, UTG often volunteered its LED trailer at parades, events, graduations, and weddings to cheer people up with visuals and music when they couldn’t leave their homes. Additionally, the company actively participates in civic organizations and charities, a practice Wehbe believes is crucial for a customer-centric approach.

“Businesses that are involved in their communities and maintain strong relationships with clients often have a more customer-centric approach,” he says. “This can translate into better service and support for your business.”

Advice so good it should be up in lights.

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