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5 Famous Horror Movies That Were Filmed In Ottawa

While Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver welcome their fair share of Canadian movie magic, you may not have known that these infamous horror movies were filmed a bit closer to home.

House At The End of The Street (2012)

Just before she became a household name, Jennifer Lawrence was filming this horror movie. Scenes were shot in Carp, Metcalfe and Algonquin College.

Elizabeth Shue and Jennifer Lawrence in The House At The End of The Street (2012) Photo: horrorfreaknews.com


Sum of All Fears (2002) 


The Diefenbunker in Carp served as a location for some filming of the 2002 thriller starring Ben Affleck and Morgan Freeman.


photo: tribute.ca

Penthouse North (2013) 


Michael Keaton starred in this thriller with scenes filmed in downtown Ottawa. An easily recognizable backdrop is the Wine Rack on Elgin Street.

photo: sky.com


Clown (2015) 


This Eli Roth horror movie about a man that put on a mysterious clown suit that won’t come off, slowly leading to some violent outcomes, was filmed in our city and New York.

photo: nerdly.co.uk


The Blackcoat’s Daughter (2015) 


The producers liked our cold climate as the location for this horror movie starring Emma Roberts. It is a tale of two girls who are left stranded at a prep school (an agricultural college close to Ottawa) when their parents do not come to get them for the winter break.



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