Here Is The Pillow You Should Be Using, According To Your Sleep Style

Tossing and turning in your sleep is no fun; once your head hits the pillow, that’s the time you should start drifting off into dreamland. Whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach, you deserve a good night’s rest. 


Signs that you and your headrest are inharmonious include back pain, a stiff neck, frequent tossing and turning, and headaches (even during the day). The best way to know if you’re pillow is the problem is by considering how you feel when sleeping on a different pillow, like when you’re travelling or at a friend’s house. 


Ready to try something new? Here are our top picks, according to your sleep style. 


Side Sleeper

With a name like GhostPillow, you might think this cushion would keep you up all night long, but you’d be wrong. The name speaks more to the feeling of sleeping on clouds. This memory foam pillow, unlike many, is layered and gel-infused to provide maximum cooling. Side sleepers can sink into it without compromising the structure, while its 6-inch height allows it to relieve pressure points in the neck and shoulders. 


Back Sleeper

Casper Foam is one of the friendliest picks for back sleepers. It’s cozy yet breathable, featuring a balance of high and low-density foam to create a medium-firm pillow. As your head rests, the pillow’s height compresses just enough to make it ideal for lying flat on your back. The unparalleled support system is joined by moisture-wicking fabric for those who struggle with night sweats. 


Stomach Sleeper 

Brooklinen’s Plush Down Pillow is recommended for all you stomach sleepers out there. Filled with down clusters to make it the softest and fluffiest yet, this plush pillow comes in three different constructions to cater to your perfect fit. Their Mid-Plush best-seller comes with a dual-core system that you can lean on, thanks to the inner layer of feathers. For even more support, you can try their Firm Pillow. 


Neck Pain 

If sleeping literally gives you a pain in the neck or exacerbates it, it’s time to swap your pancake pillow for something like the Medi-Flow Fiber. Using water-based technology, this pillow is 

clinically proven to reduce neck pain and improve your overall sleep quality. The key to alleviating discomfort is finding an option that correctly supports the cervical spine, and this pillow pick is definitely suited for the job. 


Best Overall

The Endy Customizable Pillow is, across the board, one of the best pillows in Canada. Filled with shredded memory foam and infused with bamboo and charcoal, this is a versatile sleep option suitable for back, side or stomach sleepers. On top of being tailored to your comfort level, the layer of microfibre cushioning and breathable cotton cover means that you can rest easy, no matter the position.

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