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Favourite Municipal Politician:

Jim Watson



Favourite Relations Specialist:

Ravi Verma



Favourite Policy Analyst:

 Nancy Laflamme



Favourite Data Analyst:

Bryan Stafford






Jonathan Pitre Award:

Tina Boileau



Max Keeping Humanitarian Award:

 Carol Anne Meehan



Volunteer of the Year:

Dr. Mohd Jamal Alsharif



Favourite Volunteer Organization:

Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue



Favourite Not-For-Profit Organization:

Freedom Dog Rescue






Favourite Lawyer:

Stephanie Simard



Favourite Paralegal:

Jamie Labonte



Favourite Legal Assistant:

Amber Deen



Favourite Law Firm:

Parker Wallace Family Law






Entrepreneur of the Year:

Nana Al



Favourite Business Owner:

Robin St. Martin



Start Up of the Year:

Overflow Brewing Company



Favourite CEO:

Alex Munter



Favourite Executive Assistant:

Sue Morin



Favourite Marketing Manager:

Ryan Miller



Favourite Employment Agency:

Excel HR



Favourite Customer Service:

Copal El Affie



Favourite Receptionist:

Ashley McCarthy



Favourite Insurance Company:

Gifford Carr Insurance



Favourite Manager:

Samantha Albert



Favourite Salesperson:

Ryan Zullo



Favourite Marketing Company/Agency:




Favourite Real Estate Agency/Brokerage:

BTeam Ottawa



Favourite Real Estate Agent:

Sylvain Bourgon



Favourite HR Professional:

Jill Sullivan



Favourite Commercial Cleaning Company:

Jaiko Cleaning Services



Favourite Coworking Space:

Collab Space



Favourite Office Manager:

Gabriela Castejon Pulliza



Favourite Green Initiative:




Favourite Consulting Firm:

Gibson Product Design



Favourite Project Manager:

Samantha Scott



Favourite Consultant:

Sergey Poltev



Favourite Printing Company:

Gilmore Printing Services



Favourite Compliance Company:

Assent Compliance



Favourite Public Relations Professional:

Melina Kokkinos



Favourite Security Company:

Iron Horse Security and Investigations



Favourite Security Guard:

Patrick Godard



Favourite Professional Recruiter:

Ashley Thompson



Favourite IT Company:




Favourite Logistics Manager:

Mark Williams






Favourite Interior Design Company:

Westyle Interior Design



Favourite Home Builder:

IronTree Builders Inc.



Favourite Property Management Company:

Sentinel Management



Favourite Furniture Store:




Favourite Residential Cleaning Service:

Top Dog Cleaning Co.



Favourite Windows/Doors Company:

Verdun Windows & Doors



Favourite Moving Company:

Checker Movers



Favourite Flooring Company:

Euro Tile & Stone



Favourite Tile & Stone Company:

Euro Tile & Stone



Favourite HVAC Company:

Rick Menard Heating and Cooling



Favourite Landscaping Company:

Yards Unlimited Landscaping Inc.



Favourite Kitchen & Bath Store:

Brodie & Brown Design & Renovate



Favourite Architect:

Erin Duncan



Favourite Deck & Fence Company:

Deluxe Fencing & Decks



Favourite Roofing Company:

Century Roofing & Siding






Music Group/Artist of the Year:

Elijah Woods x Jamie Fine



Favourite Author:

Michel Weatheall



Favourite Dancer:

Isabel Kelly



Favourite Music/Drama Coach:

Sarah McClurg



Favourite Hip Hop Artist:

Cody Coyote



Favourite Music Store:

Long & McQuade Musical Instruments



Favourite Dance Instructor:

Carolyn Hebert



Favourite Dance School:

Denise Smith Dance Studio



Favourite Choreographer:

Alyssa Charlebois



Favourite Tattoo Artist:

Amanda Scipioni



Favourite Tattoo Parlour:

Sorry Mum Tattoo Studio



Favourite Music School:

Sarah McClurg Music School



Favourite Painter:

Anna K Hodson



Favourite Theatre Group:

The Mississippi Mudds



Book of the Year:

Solace by Genevieve Georget



Album of the Year:

Thorns by TheSoulfulPoet



Song of the Year:

Lately – Brenden MacGowan






Athlete of the Year:

Brooke Henderson



Redblack of the Year:

Brad Sinopoli



Ottawa Senator of the Year:

Anthony Duclair



Favourite Angler:

Jamie Pistilli



Favourite Golf Course:

Camelot Golf and Country Club



Favourite Driving Range:

Kevin Haime Golf Centre



Favourite Referee:

Peter Coleman



Favourite Golf Pro & Instructor:

Terry Cowan



Favourite Hockey Coach:

Tony Ricciuti



Favourite Assistant Coach:

Lindsay Calder



Favourite Equestrian Stable:

Royale Equestrian Centre



Favourite Team Manager:

Mary-Jean Plath



Favourite Recreation Centre:

Dovercourt Recreation Centre



Favourite Swim Instructor:

Sebastian (Ibbotson) Henningson








Favourite Accountant:

Sadiq Alwani



Favourite Mortgage Broker:

Sue Hameed



Favourite Accounting Firm:

HomeTown Accounting & Tax Inc



Favourite Financial Advisor:

Jay Lees



Favourite Wealth Management Firm:

Pulse Wealth Management



Favourite Mortgage Broker:

The Mortgage Advisors



Favourite Financial Analyst:

Nana Al








Favourite Teacher:

Kevin Adair



Favourite Principal:

Tania Gonsalves



Favourite Vice Principal:

Carl Dobbin



Favourite Educational Assistant:

Jennifer Gareau



Favourite Early Childhood Educator:

Amy Morris



Favourite Driving School:

D.T.S.M Driving Schools



Favourite University Professor:

Luis Abanto



Favourite Special Education Teacher:

Megan Skentelbery






Favourite Dental Clinic:
Braces Haven



Favourite Dentist:

Dr. Charles Cohen



Favourite Dental Assistant:

Sindy Lecompte



Favourite Dental Hygienist:

Jane Maria



Favourite Chiropractor:

Samuel Cooper



Favourite Nutritionist:

Sara Awija



Favourite Registered Nurse:

Kathleen O’Neil



Favourite Physiotherapist:

Johanne Gordon



Favourite Physiotherapist Clinic:
Elysian Wellness Centre



Favourite Pharmacy:

CentreTown Pharmacy



Favourite Massage Therapist:

Morgan Asquini



Favourite Natural Wellness Company:




Favourite Personal Trainer:

Kristina Price



Favourite Crossfit Instructor:

Peter Hanna



Favourite Fitness Centre:




Favourite Yoga Studio:

Inner Soul Yoga & Cycle



Favourite Yoga Instructor:

Jas Bhandal



Favourite Life Coach:

Taryn Watts



Favourite Optician/Optometrist:

Dr. Litwiller



Favourite MediSpa:




Favourite Family Doctor:

Dr. Kay-Anne Haykal



Favourite Dermatologist:

Jennifer Beecker



Favourite Family/General Practitioner:

Michelle Barone



Favourite Hearing Specialist:

Sophie Cushing



Favourite Marriage & Family Therapist:

Ruth Dulmage



Favourite Midwife:

Marie-Eve Lord



Favourite Occupational Therapist:

Matilda Amos



Favourite Foot Specialist:

Lisa Garland



Favourite Surgeon:

Dr. Andrew Tice



Favourite Naturopathic Doctor:

Laura Smith







Favourite Corporate Retreat:

Jask Salon & Day Spa



Favourite Hotel:

Brookstreet Hotel



Favourite Leisure Sales:

Club Piscine



Favourite Golf Course:

The Marshes



Favourite Travel Agency:

Erin Novodvorsky



Favourite Marina/Yacht Club:

Britannia Yacht Club



Favourite Guide/Tour:

La Vida Local Food & Wine Tours



Favourite Spa:

Le Nordki Spa Nature I Chelsea



Favourite Museum:

Canadian Museum of Nature



Favourite Tourist Attraction:




Favourite Bowling Alley:

Merivale Bowling Alley






Favourite Mechanic/Auto Repair:

Erwin’s Automotion



Favourite Car Dealership:

Tony Graham Toyota



Favourite Luxury Car Dealership:

Otto’s BMW



Favourite Limousine Company:

Elite Limousine



Favourite Uber Driver:

Linda Ortiz



Favourite Car Detailing:

 Pearl Auto Car






Favourite Veterinarian:

Dr. Katie Jones



Favourite Veterinary Hospital:

Nepean Animal Hospital



Favourite Pet Store:

Critter Jungle



Favourite Pet Grooming Salon:

Purrdy Paws Pet Grooming Spa



Favourite Pet Boarding & Sitting:

Dog Dayz Care & Training Inc.



Favourite Pet Trainer/Walker:

Lisa Dunand



Favourite Dog-Friendly Destination:

Bruce Pit



Favourite Vet Assistant Technician:

Melissa Kerr






Favourite Social Services Worker:

Andrea Stadhard



Favourite Child Care Centre:

Stepping UP Daycare Inc.



Favourite Mental Health Worker:

Mahsan Maz



Favourite Public Health Worker:

Vera Etches






Favourite Wedding Venue:

StoneCropAcres Winery & Vineyard



Favourite Wedding Planner:

Kiley Jamieson



Favourite Wedding Florist:

The Planted Arrow



Favourite Wedding Makeup Artist:

Fatima Abeduljalil






Favourite Electrician:

Hyperion Electrical Industries Inc.



Favourite General Contractor:

Randy Devine



Favourite Plumber:

Stephen Davis



Favourite Paving & Interlock Company:

Peartree Property Services Inc.



Favourite Welder:

Ritchie’s Welding



Favourite HVAC Technician:

Andrew Anderson



Favourite Carpenter:

RJM Construction



Favourite Construction Company:

Tomlinson Group






Favourite Hair Salon:

The Loft Urban Salon



Favourite Hairstylist & Colourist:

Ewa Tarkowski



Favourite Barber:

Nathalie Jones



Favourite Hair Extensions:

Glam Fairy Hair Extensions



Favourite Esthetician:

Lucie Rosano



Favourite Fashion Designer:

Arfie Lalani



Favourite Clothing Store:

BBX Collection



Favourite Model:

Florence Cajuste



Favourite Eyebrow/Eyelash Technician:

Lashes by Brae



Favourite Clothing Brand:

BBX Collection



Favourite Fashion Stylist:

Mary Ciancibello



Favourite Barber Shop:

Blades & Bourbon



Favourite Makeup Artist:

Fatima Abeduljalil



Favourite Tailor & Alterations:

TAV Creations



Favourite Tanning Salon:

iTAN Advanced Tanning Studios



Favourite Cosmetic Clinic:

SKINS Derma Care



Favourite Nail Salon:

Breathtaking Nail Spa



Favourite Cosmetic Surgeon:
Dr. Howard Silverman








Favourite Jeweller:

Magpie Jewellry



Favourite Hardware/Appliance Store:

Preston Hardware Store



Favourite Florist:

Rebel Petal Flowers Ottawa



Favourite Grocery Store:

Farmboy Train Yards



Favourite Mall/Shopping Plaza:

Bayshore Shopping Centre



Favourite Specialty Store:

La Bottega



Favourite Children’s & Baby Store:

Mrs. Tiggy Winkles



Favourite Book Store:

Black Squirrel Books & Espresso Bar



Favourite Outdoors Supply Store:




Favourite Sports & Fitness Store:

Kundstadt Sports



Favourite Store Manager:

Ryan Willis



Favourite Farmers Market:

CARP Farmer’s Market



Favourite Retail Salesperson:

Zach Lafleur



Favourite Ottawa Based E-Commerce Business:







Favourite Chef:

Ian Carswell



Favourite Happy Hour:

JOEY Lansdowne



Favourite Date Spot:

Black Dog Bistro



Favourite Indian Restaurant:

Coconut Lagoon



Favourite Server:

Nick Trudel



Favourite Restaurant:

Black Tartan Kitchen



Favourite Local Brewery:

Beau’s Brewery



Favourite Dessert Spot:

Stella Luna Gelato Café



Favourite Bakery:

Art-Is-In Bakery



Favourite Doughnut Shop:

Suzy Q Doughnuts



Favourite Local Winery:

Jabulani Vineyard and Winery



Favourite After Work Drinks:

JOEY Lansdowne



Favourite Sports Bar:

The Lieutenant’s Pump



Favourite Pub:

The Cheshire Cat



Favourite Patio:

Tavern on the Hill



Favourite Coffee Shop:

Alice’s Village Café



Favourite Pizza:

Colonnade Pizza



Favourite Chinese Restaurant:

Golden Palace Restaurant



Favourite Italian Restaurant:




Favourite Late Night Food:

Elgin Street Diner



Favourite Caribbean Food:
Island Flava



Favourite Greek Restaurant:

EVOO Greek Kitchen



Favourite Fine Dining:

Giovanni’s Ristorante



Favourite Business Lunch Location:

Tosca Ristorante



Favourite Japanese/Sushi:

168 Sushi Japanese Buffet



Favourite Pho:

Pho Ba Ga 2



Favourite Burger:

The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro



Favourite Host/Hostess:

Alyssa Andre



Favourite Country Bar:

Crazy Horse



Favourite Bartender:

Ronnie Doherty



Favourite Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurant:
Pure Kitchen Elgin



Favourite Meal Delivery Service:




Favourite Breakfast/Brunch Spot:

Alice’s Village Café



Favourite Ice Cream Shop:

Stella Luna Gelato Café



Favourite Bubble Tea Store:

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice



Favourite Street Food/Food Truck:

Golden Fries



Favourite Catering Company:

La Bottega



Favourite Cocktail:




Favourite Restaurant Manager:

Michael Caruso



Favourite Gluten Free Menu:

Pure Kitchen



Favourite Wings:

Wild Wing Ottawa South



Favourite New Restaurant:

Ridge Rock Brewing Company



Favourite Seafood:

The Whalesbone



Favourite Taco/Burrito:

El Camino






Favourite Organizer/Promoter:

Harmony Concerts



Favourite Event Planner:

Samantha Moonsammy



Favourite Event Planning Company:

Avant-Garde Designs



Favourite Corporate Event/Conference Venue:

Sala San Marco Conference & Events



Favourite Audio/Visual Entertainment Company:

Adrenaline Entertainment



Favourite Comedian:

Jesse Reynolds



Favourite Game Night Venue:

The Loft Board Game Lounge



Favourite Promotional Model:

Mary Elin Moore



Favourite Nightclub:

The Lookout Bar



Favourite DJ:

Kenny B



Favourite Black Tie Event:

Ottawa Mental Health Gala



Favourite Craft Beer Festival:

Orlean’s Craft Beer Festival



Favourite Food Event/Festival:

PoutineFest Ottawa



Favourite Corporate Team Building Activity:

Escape Manor






Favourite Journalist:

Mark Day



Favourite Sports Broadcaster/Reporter:

Terry Marcotte



Favourite Radio Station:

Hot 89.9



Favourite Podcast/Podcaster:

Jesse and Jenna’s Messy Podcast



Favourite Radio Personality:

Jenni (Hot 89.9)



Favourite TV/Media Personality:

Dylan Black



Favourite Emcee:

Stuntman Stu



Favourite Videographer:

Ryan Pizzacalla



Favourite Publisher/Publishing House:

Broken Keys Publishing



Favourite Actor/Actress:

Julie Mainville



Favourite Talent Model/Agency:

The Meus






Favourite Blogger:

Embracing Ottawa



Visual Arts Artist of the Year:

The Happy Ever Crafter



Favourite Graphic Designer:

Razan Bleik



Favourite Graphic Design Agency:

Excentric Agency



Favourite Influencer:

Joey Kidney



Favourite SEO Agency:

Excentric Agency



Favourite Web Developer:

Krystal Archibald



Favourite Social Media Coordinator:

Leslie O’Sullivan







Favourite Photographer:

Craig Roberts



Favourite Instagram Photography Account:



Favourite Event Photographer:

Mystikopoulos Photography



Favourite Headshot Photographer:

SD Debrosse



Favourite Fashion Photographer:

Angela Holmyard



Favourite Wedding Photographer:

Chelsea Mason Photography




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