Duane Explains: Capital Wealth Partners/Mandeville Private Client Offers a New Way to Prosperity

By Dan Lalande. Photography by Nicolai Gregory

Duane explains. That’s Duane Francis, Portfolio Manager and Branch Owner at Capital Wealth Partners/Mandeville Private Client. Add the “Explains” and that’s the name of his popular social media series, magnanimously providing a free financial education gleaned from Francis’ twenty-seven years of invaluable industry experience.

Francis is a firm believer in the Five Laws of Wealth Creation: be goal-oriented, rely on other people’s expertise, use other people’s money, pay yourself first, and invest for the long term.

That last tenet is of particular importance. According to Francis, it’s a matter of conserving capital, increasing your principal to an above-average rate of return, minimizing taxes, and creating sustainable lifetime income. This brings us back to the second of those Five Laws: finding a savvy, connected, and dependable money manager who can allocate your assets beyond the typical range of growth vehicles.

Look no further. Over 200 client families entrust Francis with their financial well-being. It’s an impressive, and growing, base. Even when it was smaller, it was enough to earn Francis a Top 40 Under 40 Award back in 2010.

“Being recognized like that was a significant honour,” the gracious Francis reflects. “But since that win, the needs in our community have grown. Many business owners who were thriving fourteen years ago find themselves needing to reinvent or close their doors. Winners of this award past and present need to continue to make a positive impact.”

Francis certainly has. As the above quote attests, he holds a deep, constructive concern for his fellow Ottawans. He manifests it by providing a portal to financial vehicles either overlooked or difficult to ingress.

“Most Canadians have access to publicly traded securities that can be bought and sold on major stock exchanges,” Francis explains. “However, despite increasing availability, far fewer Canadians have access to private investments that are typically available to wealthy individuals and institutions. Extremely well-off individuals or institutions—such as Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, the Canada Pension Plan, and the Harvard Endowment Fund—have access not only to publicly traded securities but also to private securities. A well-orchestrated investment plan combining these types of securities can help individuals create clout in a manner similar to the wealthy.”

Many of our clients use traditional vehicles such as RRSPs, TFSAs, and RESPs to meet their goals in a tax-efficient manner,” the passionate Francis continues. “Flow-through shares and spousal loans can also offer tax benefits in the right circumstances. Private securities, though, provide additional diversification beyond the traditional public market, allowing access to areas like real estate, infrastructure, and resources, which can add significant value.”

The Nova Scotia-born Francis Studied Economics and accounting at the University of Western Ontario. Starting out as a bar doorman and UPS driver inspired him to complete his Chartered Investment Management (CIM) designation, paving the way for his career as a respected Portfolio Manager and discretionary investment consultant.

That solidified when a pair of high-profile mentors, Michael Prittie and Michael Lee-Chin, one of Canada’s most moneyed individuals, invited him to join the Mandeville Group of Companies. Ever since, Francis has been helping Ottawans buy homes, send children to university or college, and enjoy worry-free retirements.

It’s a philosophy shared by Francis’ entire team, Feda, Leric, Sarah and Alex, respected colleagues who are, according to the grateful Francis, “not only smarter than I am but also make me look good.” Together, they ensure that every client is heard, every risk is explained, and every detail is looked after.

They help Ottawa in other ways as well. Charitable contributions include The Ottawa Cancer Foundation (TOCF), the “Let’s Take a Swing at Cancer” Golf Tournament, and the annual Christmas Cheer Breakfast, which raises funds for a number of community organizations.

As for the future, Francis has big goals, ones he’ll have to juggle with his other passions: faith, family and golf. His wife of 27 years Julie and his three sons, now all young men, Connor, Cole and Carson, are certainly at the foundation of these goals. “Our branch at Capital Wealth Partners-Mandeville Private Client currently manages $750 million. As Branch Manager and Principal, my primary role is to support our branch’s ongoing development and growth. More importantly, I strive to ensure that our clients, who have entrusted us with their hard-earned money, achieve and exceed their financial goals while creating intergenerational wealth. This is the legacy I want to leave.”

…making Duane Francis and Capital Wealth Partners/Mandeville Private Client the best investment of all.

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