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3 Best-Kept Secrets From Behind The Bar

Do you ever wonder what your bartender is really thinking what you order a drink? Or what minor thing can quickly put you on their bad side? Here are top 3 secrets that your bartender will never tell you.

Long-Island Iced Teas Are Their Least Favourite Order

A lot of bartenders will roll their eyes at this order, for two reasons. First, it’s clear that the guest really wants to drink. And second, it’s a poor choice, even if you’re looking for a fun night. Well-crafted cocktails can achieve the same effect as the coveted LSIT, but with way less sugar and experimentation.


Less Ice Will Not Make Your Drink Stronger

If you request no ice in your drink in hopes of getting a stronger one, you’re actually being counterintuitive. Your bartender will still pour the same amount of alcohol, but add more mix, which actually weakens the drink much more.


Don’t Wave Your Money To Get The Bartender’s Attention

This may automatically put you at the back of the line (same with snapping, shouting, or trying to make weird eye contact to signal your readiness to order). If you want the Bartender’s attention, simply wait, or make sure to tip well on your first order.


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