3 New Holiday Movies Coming In December 

Ready for the holidays? Here’s what’s scheduled for on-screen holiday magic this December.

Fixing Up Christmas

Release Date: December 12th

The owner’s son has been given the task to throw a Christmas party for the city’s Mayor. This event is the key to land a new contract and to save his business.  He goes ahead and hires a professional party planner, Holly, to help him plan this magical event. And the rest is rom-com history.



 Love Hard

Release Date: November 5th

Nina Dobrev stars in this Netflix rom-com as Natalie Bauer, a woman in search of her perfect match. She thinks she has found him, on a dating app. 3,000 miles later, she learns she’s been catfished while surprising him for the holidays in New York.



Christmas in Washington

Release Date: November 15th

Interior designer Emily Barnes, is hired by a foreign embassy in Washington to decorate for the annual holiday charity ball. On the other hand, ambassador Magnus Anderson is somewhat of a Grinch and has no time for the holidays. Emily slowly begins to warm his heart and an un[expected] romance is formed between the two.



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