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4 New Holiday Movies To Watch This Season

Despite slow-down in productions, 2020 will see a few new holiday flicks this season. Here are our top 4 picks of new holiday movies to help you get into Christmas mode. 


Rom-Com fans can look to Holidate for their newest Christmas flick, and will love the premise: Sloane and Jackson, two regular-old and unsuspectingly-single 30-somethings agree to be each other’s dates for every holiday party they must endure this season. As rom-com rules dictate, the two fall in love, sparking internal conflicts within the pair who are too used to being, well, regular-old and unsuspecting-single 30-somethings. Mix in the holiday backdrop, and you’ve got your next great movie night.

The War With Grandpa

If you’re looking for an easy, slap-stick routine by the likes of Robert De Niro, Jane Seymour, Christopher Walken, and Uma Thurman, The War With Grandpa is your go-to. This family comedy sees De Niro play a Grandpa who, coming to terms with not being able to live independently in his old age, moves into his daughter’s home, taking over his grandson’s room in the process. Unhappy with the displacement, the kid takes matters into his own hands and declares war on his grandpa and his crew of elderly friends. The montage of pranks and head-to-head interactions between the young and old is hilarious. Oh, and the whole ordeal takes place over Christmas break. 

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey


Magical, musical, and over-the-top, Jingle Jangle is a true and true Christmas tale about a toy inventor who doesn’t quite land his career goals, thanks to a spiteful old friend who steals his inventions. For those of you who find yourself rewatching Christmas movies from your childhood, this Netflix original will definitely check your box. 

The Christmas House


Looking for something a bit more serious yet equally magical? Hallmark’s The Christmas House is this year’s great romance drama. Starring Mean Girl’s Jonathan Bennet, the film follows a gay couple looking to adopt. Add in some turmoil, character development, and some over-the-top holiday cheer, and this film easily becomes a holiday classic.


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