AI, VR, and Robots: 2022’s Best New Gadgets For Home + Lifestyle

2021 certainly brought our homes, daily lives, and even our physical and mental health into focus. Not surprisingly, we’ve found those trends reflected in 2022’s upcoming tech releases. From AI Workout Cameras, Foldable Phones, and VR Mediation, here are 10 of the best new gadgets for 2022.


Via Samsung.com

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3

The new Galaxy Z Flip3 is nothing like your old flip phone. The full-screen smartphone folds to stand up straight, and the screen can effortlessly split into two when doing so. There’s a small screen on the back to show notifications when the phone is closed. It’s completely waterproof and stands up to the test of all other 2022 smartphones for functionality and storage at a price of $1,400 Canadian. 



Amazon Astro House Robot

Picture this: you’re away on vacation, but think you left a light on. You grab your phone, activate your House Robot, and drive him to the basement door, where you extend the 42-inch periscope camera to see that, in fact, it is off. That’s just one capability of the new Amazon Astro, a robot on wheels that you can command from your phone. It currently costs about $1,000 but is available by invite only until later in 2022.



Via Peloton.com

Peloton AI Workout Camera

Peloton, the video-based fitness community and lifestyle leader, is introducing their next intersection of workouts and technology in 2022. The AI Workout Camera will split the Peloton screen, allowing you to see and compare your form against the instructors to help you improve.

HTC VIVE Flow VR Glasses 

Though they look like aviators, the HTC VR Vive Flow VR Glasses are meant for calm and relaxation, not badassery. They’re the first AR glasses designed for meditation, reading, and therapy apps, rather than games and business, and cost about $500. 



Serveball Throwable Camera 

Not a bird, not a drone, but a ball with a camera. The Serveball Throwable Camera can withstand being thrown around and take the impact of landing while capturing unique shots. Use it to capture 360° panoramic photography and stabilized high-speed video. There’s even a dark mode for taking pictures or videos at night, too. 


Sony HT-A9

It’s a basic concept, but first of its kind in simplicity: the Sony HT-A9 is a set of four wireless speakers and one control box that brings surround sound to absolutely anywhere. Just connect to your TV, place it in the four corners of your room, and enjoy the theatre-quality sound.




XPRIT Mola Under Water Scooter

Have a blast exploring the lake or your backyard pool with the XPRIT Mola Under Water Scooter. The 1000W Motor can take you as deep as 30 Meters, and the long-lasting 126Wh Battery will provide you with a max of 35 mins of fun time. It has an action camera mount that’s pre-installed so you can capture the underwater scenery. It’s lightweight and portable, making it easy to bring to the beach or cottage! 



Epson EpiqVision Mini Smart Streaming Laser Projector

Binge-watch your favourite shows or movies at home or outside with the Epson EpiqVision EF12 Smart Streaming Laser Projector. Designed with built-in Android TV, sound by Yamaha and wireless connectivity, you can watch whatever you want in full 1080p HD resolution. It gives you access to plenty of the popular streaming services that you can watch in up to 150’ with no screen required. 


The Capstone Smart Mirror

The Capstone Smart Mirror brings multitasking to a new level. This touchscreen mirror provides instant access to apps, TV, and social media, all while you’re getting ready for the day or working out. 



Bose Audio Sunglasses

These innovative and stylish sunglasses come with built-in Bose speakers so you can listen to music without headphones. Bose Frames have a built-in blue-tooth speaker that produces an immersive sound just for you, while people around you will practically hear nothing. The integrated microphone enables clear calls and access to your phone’s virtual assistant. Bose Frames comes with options for both sport and fashion.

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