André Langlois: Celebrating 20 Years of Marvel & Snap

Marvel & Snap. It’s the catchy, creative name for CEO and Founder André Langlois’ web services firm. The name reflects a drive to innovate: the company’s modern approach to helping businesses of all sizes manage their web operations in a cost-effective, efficient and meaningful way. You can imagine just how much the company stood out when it was founded 20 years ago.

Marvel & Snap was born from a fervent passion for technology. “I’ve always held an adventurous spirit,” Langlois reflects. “Growing up on a small farm in Pembroke was an incredible experience, but the lure of technology led me to Ottawa.” Then just 21 years old, Langlois’ journey into the world of IT began during college, where he landed his first contract with the Government of Canada. “It was a pivotal project for me. It awakened my fascination with web technologies and their boundless potential.”

From those foundational years emerged a vision to revolutionize the web operations landscape. André had seen first-hand the struggles of marketing teams tasked with modernizing their web operations in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. “Project-based work was an inefficient and unsustainable way to address the problem. Instead, I offered web services under a monthly service package.”

“I believe marketers should have instant access to a reliable team of web experts that are focused on helping them achieve their goals.”



Before Langlois’ innovation, this was only a dream to marketing teams. But as an entrepreneur with years of hands-on IT experience, André saw a way to make this vision a reality. And throughout the last 20 years of constant, purposeful growth, the pillar of Marvel & Snap’s success has been its people. “My team embodies the ethos of passion and dedication, and it defines our work. Together, we’re committed to crafting outstanding web experiences.” The founder announces with his trademark excitement that is both transparent and fervent when talking about his business.

In the same tone, he passionately shares his secret to helping businesses enhance their online presence. “Envision us as an extension of your marketing team. By partnering with us, you’re tapping into decades of expertise in technical excellence and strategic guidance.” And like most solutions designed with people in mind, André’s innovative offering of ‘web operations as a service’ was a direct hit. Since 2003, he’s amassed a portfolio of lifelong business partners, including major North American brands—like Canopy Growth, Martha Stewart, March Networks, Martello, and Open Space—who rely on Marvel & Snap on an ongoing basis.

As web operations continues to explode into uncharted territory, Marvel & Snap is at the forefront of marketing innovation, firmly standing on a people-first philosophy. “The future demands ongoing enhancements and optimization,” The entrepreneur explains. “And building enduring relationships rests on delivering exceptional support, transparency, and a genuine commitment to our clients’ success.” A perfect example of this tenuous equilibrium is the company’s 2024 rollout of their new Customer Portal, the embodiment of that commitment to evolving in tandem with the ever-changing digital landscape. “We’re rolling out our new Customer Portal with an array of new tools, automation features, and insightful analytics,” the founder reveals.

Celebrating 20 years isn’t merely about looking back—it’s a reassurance of the company’s promise to continue transforming web services with the same passion and purpose that ignited their remarkable journey two decades ago. Marvel & Snap’s legacy is not just a celebration; it’s a pledge—a commitment to continually evolve, innovate, and shape the future of web services with an unwavering dedication to client success and a relentless pursuit of excellence.