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Angie Poirier is Still Taking Chances

Photo by Sean Sisk

“The media business is ever-changing. I’ve seen re-brands, name changes, and employee changes. Still, I love the broadcasting industry and have been fortunate to work alongside and learn from so many incredibly talented people.”

Who but the perpetually sunny Angie Poirier to endure and thrive in such a competitive industry?

The plucky blonde, currently part of the MOVE 100 morning team along with longtime friend and colleague Stuart “Stuntman Stu” Schwartz and the younger Janel Steeper, suffered from incredible shyness growing up. “I had no desire to be on camera or radio,” she admits. “Once I joined the industry, I had to push myself outside my comfort zone to speak in front of big crowds. Eventually, that led to an offer to be on TV!”

During her low-profile years, Poirier served as a writer-producer for TV’s The New RO. There, despite a decision to remain firmly behind the scenes, she was coerced into doing the in-game hosting for a number of area sports teams. Cue a bad case of first-time jitters. Fortunately, there was a security blanket. Fellow Algonquin College TV & Radio Broadcast alum Schwartz would be there, in the capacity of game announcer. Little did either of them know that that particular association would mark the beginning of a long and fruitful professional relationship. “We learned almost immediately that we had good working chemistry,” Poirier reflects. “It eventually paid off as radio co-hosts down the line.” Poirier went on to be the live eye for the newly launched A-Channel morning show, which eventually morphed into CTV Morning Live. Then came MAJIC, since rebranded as MOVE, again with you-know-who. In 2018, the duo was joined by the energetic Steeper.

Like her co-stars, Poirier is thrilled to be part of such an energetic and eclectic trio.
“Stu and I had long-established chemistry, but the quick chemistry we were able to build with Janel on-air came easily! It was a perfect fit when she joined us. We each have our unique perspectives. Our different walks of life and age differences make for an incredible dynamic.”

The initial move from TV to radio brought out mixed feelings in Poirier. Ultimately, though, she boldly made the move (and yes, pun intended). “Truth be told,” says Poirier, “I was ready for a change. I love the comfort of being in the studio every day just laughing with my two co-hosts—and, of course, not getting up even earlier to do hair and make-up for TV. But the skills for TV and radio are interchangeable. You have to be able to think on your feet and be very good at improv.”

Poirier, Schwartz, and Steeper do a lot of that, as they spin tunes, laud contests, and keep in admirably close contact with their much-prized listenership. “Our listeners make the gig for us every day!” affirms Poirier. “They interact with us all day, every day, through their calls, texts, and social media replies. We make it a habit to try to reply to each and every interaction. Many of those listeners have become friends!”

Spoken like a true people person. That said, Poirier also enjoys her time out of the spotlight. Most weekends, you’ll find Poirier, her husband, and their three children boating on the St. Lawrence. An unapologetic homebody, she also enjoys yoga, reading, and just chilling.

As for anybody looking to walk in her shoes, the media veteran offers the following advice: “The secret is to be open-minded and to have as many tools in your toolbox as possible. I started off only intending to write. When I was persuaded to try TV, I very hesitantly gave it a shot. Loved it. When I was asked to try radio, I hesitantly gave that a shot too. Loved it. If I hadn’t taken those chances, I wouldn’t have been lucky enough to have had the career that I’ve been so fortunate to have!”

A career that might someday take her where? “Who knows?” Poirier speculates. “But I do know that I’ll keep an open mind and continue to pivot with life. It’s worked out so far!”

By Dan Lalande

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