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Canada’s ‘Pizza Cake’ Has Been Named the 2nd Worst Dish in the Entire World

Canada isn’t exactly known for it’s culinary heritage, but Taste Atlas’s annual and global ‘Worst Rated Food’ rankings seem to underline this point. In 2022, Taste Atlas’ Top 50 rankings for Worst Dishes in the world listed Hawaiian Pizza (which is a Canadian invention) as #16. This year, we’ve risen in rank to a number 2 spot thanks to our Pizza Cake.


Pizza Cake was invented in 2014 by Boston Pizza, which is Canadian-owned despite having franchises in the US and Mexico. The ‘cake’ is essentially layers and layers of pizza, stacked up and with a full crust on all sides except the top.


Photo via Boston Pizza


The pizza cake wasn’t received all that well, though for some, it was a ‘pizza lover’s dream’. It didn’t have any mainstream success, however, when Pillsbury came out with their own pizza cake recipe a few years later, the culinary creation seemed to step onto the international stage.


Photo via Pillsbury


Pizza Cake is now regarded as a Canadian invention, and according to Taste Atlas, it’s not a great one. The dish has been ranked as the second worst food in the world in 2023, behind only Russia’s ‘Fish Salad’, and in front of Cambodia’s Fried Spider.


Via Taste Atlas



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