Here’s What’s Coming to Netflix in March

Spring is undoubtedly on the horizon, and so is a slew of new seasons and movies coming to Netflix Canada this March. Here are some of the top releases coming down the pipe.


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Space Jam


The 1996 sports comedy starring Michael Jordan, who challenges a slew of evil aliens, sent to earth to Kidnap Bugs Bunny, to a basketball game to determine his fate is available on Netflix March 1st.


Happy Gilmore


Another sports comedy from ’96, Sandler plays Happy Gilmore, who dreams of becoming a hockey player (but has no hockey skills). When is love of hockey leaves him with no prospects and no girlfriend, he discovers a talent for golf.



Life (2017)


Ryan Reynolds is one of a crew of astronauts aboard the International Space Station, researching he first piece of evidence of life on Mars. As they study the subject, it turns from a small and formless creature to an alien set to destroy them all.





Netflix is giving us new episodes from season 7 on March 28th. We may have to wait the whole month, but it’ll be worth it.


And it doesn’t stop there. Here are more new releases in March that couldn’t come sooner:


LaLaLand – March 1

The Girl on the Train – March 1

Paw Patrol, Season 5 – March 1

Forgetting Sarah Marshall – March 6th

Arrested Development, Season 5B (Netflix Original series) – March 15th

Smurfs: The Lost Village – March 20th

Jane the Virgin, Season 5 – March 28th

The Giver – March 31st



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