Is Red Meat Bad For You? Here’s What Experts Have To Say


The debate surrounding red meat seems to be never ending–with new opinions coming out every day about the supposed health benefits and risks of the popular dish. Historically, humans have been eating a form of red meat for thousands of years–though the red meat of society’s past is in stark contrast to the processed and grain-fed meat that’s consumed now. So what’s the verdict on red meat? Experts may have the answer.


Red meat has consistently proven to be extremely nutrient dense per serving, contributing substantially to your daily intake of vitamins B3, B12, B6, iron, zinc, and selenium. With a reasonable caloric value, and over 20 grams of protein per serving, at first glance, red meat is an incredibly healthy addition to your diet.


Further inspection into red meat begins to unravel the surface-level health benefits. The long term effects of red meat have been well studied in the nutrition realm, and these observational studies have found a correlation between red meat consumption and a greater risk of cancers and heart disease. Research has also found that a link between red meat consumption and diabetes is present–though this is far more prominent in processed red meat, with unprocessed red meat showing much fewer health risks.


So what’s the verdict? Experts say you can enjoy unprocessed red meat in moderation and utilize proper cooking methods to minimize risk.


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