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New Study Shows A Major Consequence Of Skipping Breakfast

The popular phrase “the most important meal of the day” might have more validity than you think. A recent study published in the Proceedings of the Nutrition Society has found that skipping breakfast is associated with a poorer diet, which is deficient in key vitamins and nutrients.

The study analyzed the eating habits and vitals of 30,000 North American adults and found that the majority of those who skipped breakfast were missing out on key nutrients like calcium, vitamin’s C and D, and iron—among others. These nutrients are commonly found in breakfast foods, such as milk, eggs, and fortified cereals that the average adult does not always get later in the day from their remaining meals.

The study also found that adults who skipped breakfast were more likely to make poor eating decisions throughout the day. This includes an increase in saturated fats, calories, and added sugars than their breakfast-eating counterparts. Eating a breakfast rich in vitamins and nutrients has been linked to a decreased risk for chronic disease in adults and an increase in vital micronutrients. So before you forego your morning meal, consider grabbing something quick to increase energy and decrease the risk of diet-related health complications.

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