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Ottawa’s Must-Try Caesars

We asked Ottawa: who does the classic Caesar, the best? Here are 4 of the winning mentions.

The Hairy Larry, Heart & Crown



Hairy Larry–aptly named for being THEE hair of the dog, and a nod to the Heart & Crown’s OG boss, Larry Bradley. It’s been an H&C staple for years, but recently updated to make it extra great.

“We switched out regular vodka for Dunrobin’s Silver PickleVodka, as well as using a side chaser of our very own house beer–Crown Lager. Add a bacon salt & spice rimmer, dill pickle & brine, stuffed olives, pickled onions, Dubliner cheddar, and a pepperette and you’ve got yourself the cure to end all cures.  Sláinte!”



The Marcus Brutus, Albion Rooms



An Albion Rooms signature cocktail, The Marcus Brutus features Dill Vodka, Worcestershire, Sriracha, lemon, Walter Caesar mix, red wine and charcuterie.



The National Capital Caesar, Feast & Revel



An ultimate ode to the Capital, this all-Canadian Caesar is made with Walter’s Caesar mix, rimmed with ketchup chips, and garnished with local charcuterie.

The crowning glory of our National Capital Caesar is the salty-spicy rim–an inspired mix of ground ketchup chips (only-in-Canada ingredient!), dulse, fried onions, pink peppercorns and other spices.”



De-Luxe Caesar, Luxe Bistro



Fully loaded with dill & pickle infused vodka, clamato, traditional seasoning, steak spice rim and deliciously garnished with a jumbo poached shrimp, crispy bacon, olives and a dill pickle.


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