Stuntman Stu, Angie Poirier, & Janel Steeper on the move to MOVE 100

Marking the start of 2021, Majic 100 (along with other iHeartRadio stations across Canada) hit refresh on their brand which has been a leader in the Capital for decades. The move to the new MOVE 100 marks a new chapter for the station, but for hosts Stuntman Stu (who has been with the station for over 10 years), Angie Poirier, and Janel Steeper, the new MOVE 100 will still share the same great music, stories, and people, with some added excitement, content, and prizes.

We caught up with the team to discuss the new MOVE, their favourite parts of working together, and an inside scoop into their lives away from the station.


Recently MAJIC 100 was rebranded to MOVE 100. What does the move to MOVE 100 mean to you?

Stu: I was with MAJIC for 10 years before the MOVE rebrand – the analogy I give all the time, is you’ve had a 30 year old kitchen and it’s time for some renovations!

Angie: The MAJIC 100 name had a long history in Ottawa, but as with everything in life, evolution and forward momentum are necessary. We redesign our living spaces, our favourite restaurants get makeovers, and our job titles change over the years. Just as those things change in life, we look at the MOVE 100 rebranding as an opportunity for a refresh. It shows that we are moving with the times (pardon the pun!) and committed to growing with our audience, while not changing the overall feeling of what brought them to our station in the first place!

Janel: I see it like a new ‘mini makeover’… a refreshed look and feel for the station. We all update our wardrobes and hairstyles over the years because everyone loves a good glow-up!


What is new and different about MOVE 100?

Stu: MOVE 100 means I get a new hoodie to add to my radio “swag” collection.

Angie: MOVE 100 is our wardrobe makeover! Fun colours, new graphics, a bit of a tweak in the great music we play, but yet not a departure from the music you have loved on our station over the last few years. We have awesome interaction with listeners on all MOVE social media platforms, and the best digital content/videos on our website for you to binge – from recipes to reviews to DIYs! Listeners tell us the best part about MOVE, though, is that the same personalities you have built relationships with over the years… are all still here!

Janel: It’s a new look and name—with the same personalities and music you love. We’ve had some amazing contests! MOVE 100 launched giving away $1000 EVERY day for a month, and we then rolled into awarding around $100,000 through our Birthday Jackpot contest!


Stu, after a year-long absence, what was it like to finally reunite with Angie and Janel?

Stu: Incredible. Don’t tell them I said this… but I love working with Angie and Janel and I never take for granted how much fun I have waking up every morning, and working with the two of them. I missed Angie and Janel, and doing the show during those long hospital days. I was counting down the days until I could go back to work. They are truly the best. I say this all the time… I really do have the best job and work with the best team.


What is one thing people may not know about Stu?

Angie: Stu is an open book, so there is not much you don’t see! However, with that said… even though he is wild and crazy and his life is all over social media… he is actually an introvert. He needs his alone time, he sometimes gets overwhelmed in crowds of people making small talk, and will have to escape for a little break in a hallway to regroup.

Janel: Stu is actually really quiet when he entertains at his house. He likes to keep busy behind the grill while his wife Connie does the chit chat! You NEVER leave hungry!


What’s something people may not know about Angie?

Stu: Angie always makes these delicious meals in her weekly ‘Angie’s Favourite Things” videos and she’s yet to share any of it with me… and she calls me her “best friend”.

Janel: She spent a summer in Halifax with her sister when she was younger, and almost never came back to Ottawa!


What about Janel?

Stu: She’s got a really great singing voice. And she once tried out for Canadian Idol.

Angie: She honks! Janel has this thing where if you really get her laughing, like big uncontrollable laughter, she loses her breath and starts to honk super loud like a Canada Goose! I have never heard anything like it!


What is your favourite part about your job?

Stu: It’s not a job. It’s having fun with your friends and trying to entertain someone and leave them feeling good for a few minutes during their morning. And it’s all about sharing all the amazing things we have in this city – people, businesses, charities…

Angie: All of it! For real. It is never lost on me that I get to chat and laugh with two co-hosts I genuinely adore every day and call that work! On top of that, it is the relationships with listeners. We are on a first name basis with so many of our listeners and I am not kidding when I say they feel like friends/family, even though in some cases we’ve never met in person! It is the best feeling.

Janel: It’s fun and different every single morning! No two days are alike. The best part is interacting with our listeners each morning — the stories listeners share with us are hilarious!


Who has the best (and worst) style?

Stu: Angie has the best style (that’s the TV host in her – she never looks bad even if she tried), Janel is a close second (she has the coolest collection of rings) and the bald guy from Barrhaven who lives in hoodies and shorts comes in third.

Angie: We are all fairly casual at work, but Janel as the millennial with her overalls and love of funky thrift store finds, probably gets the “best” title. We tease Stu that all he owns is four of the same black zip ups and track pants, so I guess he gets the “worst, or least adventurous” title!

Janel: That’s easy—Angie! She always looks so good and put together even when we wake up so early. Her shoe game is on point! Meanwhile Stu’s wears nothing but tracksuits and hoodies (this is pre pandemic too!)


Who is the funniest person on the team?

Stu: Me. No question. Next. (And cue the rolling of the eyes from Angie & Janel)

Angie: Well, Stu lacks what some would call an “edit button”, so, that often results in him saying what others might be thinking, but would never say out loud! So that is very entertaining. He is also always willing to dance, even though he is not good at it, which is funny.

Janel: Way to put me on the spot! We all laugh all morning, but if I have to pick—I’d say Angie. She’s so quick witted, and we share the same sense of humour.


What is the craziest or funniest call that you’ve gotten on the show? Anything memorable?

Stu: Milly. I love Milly. She’s a long time listener to the show. She has this amazing Jamaican accent and she always puts a smile on my face when she calls. And she loves me best. Ask her – it’s true.

Angie: Literally everyday on our show we get a call, or text message, or Twitter reply from a listener that makes us snort laugh. Our audience is legit hilarious… would be impossible to choose just one!

Janel: We hear hilarious stories daily, so it is hard to remember them all! A few that stand out to me include: the woman whose daughter thought eating broccoli would make her boobies grow, the woman who went on a first date with a guy who got sick in an alleyway then tried to kiss her, and then the morning we got people to call in using their ‘doggy voices’.


What is your favourite thing to do on a day off?

Stu: Sleep. And snacks.

Angie: Sleep in! Make a big breakfast. Family time.

Janel: SLEEP IN. I am not a morning person, so I like to sleep in and stay up later. In the late spring/summer/fall I love to go hiking with my boyfriend — we are so lucky to have a ton of great trails in the Ottawa-Gatineau region!


Favourite spot to eat in Ottawa?

Stu: Depends who is paying. Or dinner at my in-laws. This is me keeping my mother-in-law on my good side. I have all the happy marriage tips.

Angie: We love NEXT in Stittsville. Chef Blackie’s food is always outstanding!

Janel: All I need is a great patio! I live in the Byward Market, so Tavern on the Hill/Falls are two of my favourites. If we’re talking takeout… I highly recommend Gongfu Bao – it is delicious.


Favourite Artist (currently)?

Stu: I’m an 80s music guy all the way. It’s the best music, and I have the kitchen dance party moves to prove it.

Angie: Really loving the brand new era of music from both Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift!

Janel: Loving ‘The Beaches’ right now!


Finally, what can listeners look forward to this summer with MOVE 100?

Stu: My bosses don’t tell me anything that’s coming up because I have a big mouth and I can’t keep a secret.

Angie: You can bet we will be the ultimate soundtrack to your lazy cottage days, or those days you just need to put the windows down and drive. Plus we always have amazing contests and giveaways up our sleeve… so you’ll just have to tune in and see what’s next!

Janel: More fun contests and of course more of Angie and me ganging up on Stu (laughs).