The Top 3 Most Challenging Golf Holes in Ottawa

Last golf season, we asked: which golf hole is the toughest to play in Ottawa? The survey of readers and followers names an almost resounding winner, with two distinct runner’s up. Here are the top three most challenging golf holes to play in the Capital.


3. Hole 15 @Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek, a Club Link course in Dunrobin, is a par 3 hole that measures 157 yards from the white and 125 from the red box. Like every hole at Eagle Creek, a thick crop of tall trees completely surrounds the fairway, up to the putting green, where you’ll find three distinct bunkers on each side. This makes this short and narrow hole a challenge for most golfers.


2. Hole 7 @Equinelle

This par 4 hole at Equinelle Golf Course in Kemptville ranks number two in Ottawa for its challenge. Water surrounds the putting greens here, and just before them, a sharp jut of rocks to the left makes the approach not so simple. The hole is 400 yards from the white box and 325 from the red.


1. Hole 2 @The Marshes

A resounding winner among golfers in Ottawa, Hole #2 at The Marshes in Kanata’s Business Park is also the longest hole in the region. It measures a whopping 581 yards from the white box, and 530 from the red. The hole remains narrow as it curves around a small pond, and stays wet on the right all the way to the green. On the left, several trees line the edge to close in the narrowly curved fairway. Oh, and it’s a par 5 (which few golfers can accomplish).

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