3 Steps to the Perfect Valentine’s Day, According to Psychology

With a little help from psychology, we’ve created the perfect blueprint for making your partner feel special on Valentine’s day, no matter how much or little you spend.


Make it a day
From morning to night

On Valentine’s Day, make your partner feel like anything could happen at any time. Of course you can set a time to celebrate, but by all means don’t follow it. Make breakfast in bed, or have your partner wake up to a special gift. Deliver a gift or a lunch to their office during the day. Have something planned for dinner and afterwards. You want to make your special someone feel special for the whole day, just like if it was their birthday.


Plan An Experience
Do something new

Countless polls have all concluded the same thing. When people are asked what their best Valentine’s day gift was, most people say ‘that time when’. Experiences are the best gifts you can give to your significant other. So, even if you two don’t have much time together on Valentine’s Day, make sure you plan something new. It doesn’t have to be skydiving or rock climbing, it can be as simple as trying a new restaurant or cracking open a board game at home. These gifts of time will be remembered fondly for much longer.


Use the Gift of Surprise
Build up excitement

Here’s the deal about ‘best gift ever’ status. If you reflect on all of those birthdays and Christmas mornings as a child, in hindsight, the excitement of wondering what was in all those wrapped gifts was way better than any gift that you ever got. If you really want to make your partner have a special day on Valentine’s day, treat them to a surprise.
Plan on opening gifts in the evening, but build up suspense by giving them clues to your gift throughout the day. You could even gift little things that go along with your big gift. When he or she looks back on the day, they will remember feeling that childish wonder.

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