3 Things Your Dog May Be Trying To Tell You

Dogs typically bark and they scratch when they want to tell us something. However, specific tail wags are a dogs way of telling us their emotional state.

1. His tail is like his smile

He has many ways to smile. Wagging that is high is a confident and playful gesture. Middle wagging means he is thoroughly excited. And a low wag is similar to a nervous laugh.

2. If your dog is standing off-balance in any way, he is most likely scared.

When a dog is fearful or unsure of something in his environment, he will be prepared to run in the direction that will be the safest. The way in which your dog is leaning will point towards the direction he is thinking of running in.

3. If he growls while his tongue is out, he is only playing.

Anytime your dog’s tongue is out, he is completely relaxed and having fun. If a dog is feeling aggressive and is ready to bite, they will keep their tongue inside their mouth.



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