3 Ways To Work Out With Your Dog

Have you noticed that your dog might be having trouble sleeping, or being impulsive with the washroom, or maybe they’re barking a little too much? These are just some of the signs that your furry friend isn’t getting enough exercise



Yoga with your dog is a great way to relieve stress and bond with your dog.  The benefits to you are physical, and the benefits to your dog are increased time with you, which helps to lower anxiety for them. Not every dog will understand and be a fit for Doga; some are too active or distracted. But, if your dog likes being around you, then you can get into a great routine that benefits both you and your pup.


Agility Training

Agility training works on footwork, coordination and dexterity. Professional athletes enjoy the benefits of agility training, and so can you and your dog together. Agility dog courses can be found in the city, but homemade courses can also be made with a few items. Pylons or cones can be set up in a ‘W’ shape in your backyard. You run forward from the tip of the middle cone, touch another cone, and backpedal to the original. You repeat this as many times as you can, in a given set of time. Your dog can perform a simpler version of this by using the leash method in option 1, but this time walk the dog around the cones, and place one treat at the starting cone. Get them to sit, stay, and watch as you walk to the other side. Call them to you, and then have them run back to the starting cone. It may take a few tries with treats as reinforcement to get them to run back to the starting cone. You can make this more complicated by having treats at each cone. It might help to run the dog through the course a few times on the leash, with treats in hand.


Wind Sprints – Breed Dependant

Wind sprints are an intense workout, and they’re supposed to be. They can also be performed with your pooch. Go to an open area, preferably a field, with your dog, some treats, and something to throw for them. Pick an area that’s about 50 metres long, and stand at the end. Throw the ball to the other side, and sprint there as fast as you can – see if you can beat your dog! Rest for 10 seconds, and then repeat. Do this as many times as you can, until you’re winded. Sprinting not only improves your endurance and explosiveness, it also works out your core, legs and arms. It is a full-body exercise that is sure to show results.

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