Exploring the Straight Razor Shave

This classic grooming implement can strike fear into the hearts of the hirsute.

But place it in the hands of an experienced groomer-stylist, and it’s still the best way to the smoothest, closest shave a man can get. Roosters Men’s Grooming Center should know. Roosters has been offering expert straight razor shaves since the day they became Ottawa’s most trusted grooming and styling salon.  Who better to turn to for straight talk on straight razors? Here’s why you should opt for the straight razor and what you can expect.


1. Good For Your Skin

Cartridge razors cut the hair under your skin, which is the main cause of ingrown hairs and shave bumps.

2. And Your  Complexion

Rooster’s Mens Grooming uses hot towels to open your pores before using the razor, making for a procedure as smooth as your face.

3. Your Best Shave Yet

The single, sharp edge of the straight razor allows for maximum contact with the skin, allowing for the closest, smoothest shave a man can get.

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