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The 4 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make on a First Date

Not Asking Questions

Nobody wants to spend time with someone that only talks about themselves. A study done by Plenty of Fish, one of the largest global online dating companies, revealed that 74% of people rate good conversation as more important than looks. There needs to be a balance between sharing and genuinely listening. Treat the date like a tennis match; return their questions with answers and vice versa, and the advantage will definitely be in your court!


Choosing a Bad Location

The wrong venue might totally underwhelm your dating partner, or even worse, result in no second chance. A dark movie theater or a loud sports bar are not places to get to know someone. Polls done by dating site Zoosk, found that the majority of singles rated dinner or coffee as their top choices for a first date. Go somewhere that is conducive to easy conversation and a good time; dating is supposed to be fun, not like a job interview!



Having your phone out
It’s normal to be nervous when meeting someone for the first time, especially a person who you are romantically interested in. And often, looking at your phone is the reaction most people have in awkward situations. However, 88% of singles say they wouldn’t like if their date was using their phone, finds a survey by Mashable on dating habits. So it’s easy enough, if you’re interested in getting to know your date, act like it!



Talking About Your Ex
Don’t introduce negativity to a happy and casual first date experience. 49% of singles rated past relationships as the number one conversation killer on a first date, according to expert Melanie Gorman (with dieting and body image coming in at number two). Saying too much too soon invites inaccurate speculation and can give off the wrong impression. Leave your exes where they belong…in the past!


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