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4 Foods That Can Be Dangerous For Pets

Chocolate isn’t the only food that can be poisonous to pets. Here are 4 lesser known foods that can be dangerous for dogs and other household animals (this list is not exhaustive).


Avocados contain persin, which is a known toxin for dogs and other animals, including birds.

Moldy Food

Ingesting old food can be harmful for pets due to mycotoxins found in mold. Signs of mycotoxin intoxication include tremors and seizures.

Grapes & Raisins

Grapes, raisins, and currants aren’t pet-friendly, either. Eating as little as 15 grapes has been known to cause kidney failure in smaller dogs.

Onions and Onion Powder

Onions contain N-proply disulfide, which causes a breakdown of red blood cells and can lead to anemia in dogs.


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